Performer FISHBONE

Servitude – Fishbone

Who, Who do you serve? For whose empire and for whose whims? Is your honor judged by men? Will you lie? Will you lie if they say it’s their

End The Reign – Fishbone

In the darkness, I have found my vision I’ve seen the Queen that thrives on desolation A Queendom that preys on both young and old Open your eyes….. A

Junkies Prayer – Fishbone

My pusher who art in the krack house Hallowed be thy bitches and hoe’s As for I am sprung my rock will be done In my crib as well

I Wish I Had A Date – Fishbone

So I wear my suit and tie Well I wish I had a date With a pretty girl in mind Well I’ll take her out to dinner And I’ll

Intro – Fishbone

The warning of the word goes out to all the above all the below and all who have been cast aside For everyone who is re-energized, criticized or disguised.

They All Have Abandoned Their Hopes – Fishbone

I had a dream that I was disgusted It was a scene where gold had rusted They took the homes of the people who trusted The one up high

The Warmth Of Your Breath – Fishbone

You don’t think for me Or see what I see I will not do the things that you say An explanation if I may I don’t like you and

Drunk Skitzo – Fishbone

M-M-M-M-My Dad’s a drunk My My Mom is a skitzo My Dad’s a drunk My my mom is a skitzo Dad’s a drunk My mom is a skitzo I

Love…Hate – Fishbone

struck with fire to the touch Hate is when you can’t relate in a different state to hate Revenge execute pain to the thief of Love filled with Hate

Properties Of Propaganda (fuk This Shit On Up) – Fishbone

Best to bust the dust Of a flour to powder the crust A grain of sand and a gust of wind To stir my stomach And a ground swell

Unyielding Conditioning – Fishbone

Unyielding Conditioning Tune out from all that’s happening Nobody deserves empathy Nobody feels for me We’ve all been trained by our worlds I cannot see no one but me

“Simon Says” The Kingpin – Fishbone

We’ll own the root of all evil if we don’t make any noise If you’re good like all the rest Kingpin shows you all the best SIMON SAYS THE

Knock It – Fishbone

You all feel large but you’re looking small down there You all feel large but you’re looking small down there It’s hot so take your clothes off — And

Fight The Youth – Fishbone

And now another story of stolen faith and tragic glory They claim to be your friends but all the while they taunt you with lies They tell you what

No Fear – Fishbone

There’s a storm coming But there will be no rain Bringing clouds of anger From a thousand years of pain For some of us there is no shelter From

A Selection – Fishbone

You see the little surfer girl with eyes of jade Then you see a foxy lady standin’ by her side Pick up the blond to have some fun you

Alcoholic – Fishbone

Ohh real good liquor Ohh make you clumsy Ohh make you throw up Well…my Pop had a party at the house one night on the last day of school

Mighty Long Way – Fishbone

Said I’m shakin’ in my shoes sometimes And all alone I get the blues sometimes And I’m far away from home, it seems so far, so far away Many

Beergut – Fishbone

all the women We’d go kick it at the bar But his drinkin’ went too far He could see over his belt The brotha was slim and svelte But

In The Cube – Fishbone

That I’m in. It’s liberating for a little while But living in shit with shit And bein’ all about shit ain’t my style So up to the front I