Performer FIVE

It’s The Things You Do – Five

It’s the things you do That have made me fall So in love with you You can have it all What else can i do Nothin’ left to prove

On Top Of The World – Five

Got up outta bed today, i was feelin’ on top, yeah Looking forward to a brighter day with the good things i got There was never any time for

World Of Mine – Five

From this life that i have been thrown into I no longer know who to trust They keep hurting me no matter what i do It’s a big world

Partyline 555-on-line – Five

Pick up the phone and dial 555 on line (chorus) Let’s have a party Connect me to somebody (x2) (555 on line) Being the man that i am And

Let’s Get It On – Five

Like you do, ’cause it’s true. You got me prayin’ that this love is real. All i need, is you with me. ’cause there’s something ’bout the way you

When The Lights Go Out – Five

(you know what i mean) (you’re looking kinda fly tonight girl) (what’s up) (check it) Baby when the lights go out I’ll show you what it’s all about (coming

Breakdown – Five

Shakedown (maybe a shakedown baby) If you’re looking for a breakdown If you’re looking for a shakedown I can feel it in the air tonight and it feels all

Everyday – Five

Everyday i just keep it all inside You got me tripping Because i want you bad And you don’t know But if you give me a chance Oh baby

Invincible – Five

And thoughts are hard to say, i miss you everyday Now you’re not here with me I never thought that you would leave me Ooh, i know the time

Shake – Five

Live from madison funky garden – five! Let’s get ready to rumble Chorus: Get on down in the gutter getting nasty Bring that funky rhyme Don’t waste my time

We’re Going All Night – Five

’cause i’m here giving what you want Like spread got time to stop got time to peel back the roof on my new drop top. The day looking good

Until The Time Is Through – Five

Until the time is through I can’t believe it I don’t know where to start no baby So many questions Deep inside my heart Bridge: Give me a moment

If Ya Gettin’ Down – Five

If ya gettin’ down baby I want it now baby Come and get it on baby I want it now baby If ya gettin’ down baby I want it

Rock The Party – Five

The way i come through in the discotheque. I know you like what i got, my style, The original seventies dance floor hot new material. Name ain’t down then

Hear Me Now – Five

Let the games begin Just roll the dice now May the best player win Mamma told me it’s no sin (it’s no sin) (oh oh) oh yeah Any way

Keep On Movin’ – Five

That better things are coming my way (way) And if the sunshine has a meaning Telling me not to let things get in my way When the rainy days

Everybody Get Up – Five

Everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3, 4, five will make you get down now (x2) You gots to keep it real You gots to keep it raw I’m

Two Sides To Every Story – Five

Two sides, from the heart Well it’s alright, alright You wanna know about me Well it’s the way it’s got to be There’s more to me than what you

Slam Dunk Da Funk – Five

Blowing your mind so you gotta get into Five, whatcha waiting Four, if you wanna Three, three Two, two One let’s do it (welcome to tonight’s game And if

We Will Rock You – Five

Make a big noise playin’ in the street Gonna be a big man some day You got blood on your face, big disgrace Kicking your can all over the