Tomb Of Memories – Fleshcrawl

Blood covering this place Like crust upon my eyes Adrenalin in my veins Pain upon my face Heat growing in my head Burning flesh inside Bound to old memories

Beyond Belief – Fleshcrawl

You, always you, I’ll break your back Blind, to blind to see, reality Hope, all hope is lost, beyond belief Sacrifice, repeat the ritual Kill again, I can’t resist

Awaiting The End – Fleshcrawl

Deathly pale like peaceful sleep The past looks back with thousand faces From the confluent hiding of time Break through your mental derangement Wait for the inevitable end Pray

Bloodsoul – Fleshcrawl

Burden yourself – Praise of the living Embarrass yourself – For what you will give in – Suicidal process Envy of people – To others they lie Their true

In The Dead Of Night – Fleshcrawl

Bodies over bodies – One by one They got sliced – By this bastard son Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind In one second takes you to the

Hellspawn – Fleshcrawl

My destination, living in pain That’s where I come from, that’s where I’ll return For my evil origin, in hell I will burn Punished for killing, for my reckless

Recycling The Corpses – Fleshcrawl

Maimed, killed, stabbed Slain, shot, sliced Hung, burnt, chopped Multiple ways to die Once you’ve been born You’re living your life Trying your best Not to be left Kind

Contribution Suicide – Fleshcrawl

Bloody rain – Drippin’ down from the sky Discrepancy – The war between low and high Former ages – Reign of superstition, magic rites Dark powers – Influencing people’s