Never Had It – Flobots, The

And swallow pain For all of those Who will not speak You raise your voice You fill the stage Your eyes are wide You know the weakness That you’ve

Same Thing – Flobots, The

Between Jesus and Huey P. Newton That’s where you find Johnny Five Shoot shootin Water guns at the audience while you’re scootin’ Your gluteus max due to the fact

We Are Winning – Flobots, The

Rival gangsters sit down to plan an after-school program A religious fanatic posts footage of an interfaith service project A group of teenage boys watches a video of a

There’s A War Going On For Your Mind – Flobots, The

Media mavens mount surgical strikes from trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks Cover girl cutouts throw up pop-up ads Infecting victims with silicone shrapnel Worldwide passenger pigeons deploy

Stand Up – Flobots, The

We shall not be moved Except By a child with no socks and shoes If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove Put your hands up

Rise – Flobots, The

Dont know how to be but angry Feel infected like weve got gangrene Please dont let anybody try to change me Me Just me In the middle of a

The Rhythm Method (Move!) – Flobots, The

represent the dot til’ were blue in the face fre-fre-fresher than toothpaste you know how we do in the place the crowd accumulates when he’s tuning the bass the

Handlebars – Flobots, The

No handlebars No handlebars I can ride my bike with no handlebars No handlebars No handlebars Look at me, look at me hands in the air like it’s good

Mayday!!! – Flobots, The

bloody fingerpaint sets blackmarketed fresh water canons forget me not epitaph airbrush with death white tee’s wife beaters button up reattach flesh in between the lines outside of the

Combat – Flobots, The

(Combat to get you to bomb back) i know how to rip a mic different i grip it like so tight like a kryptonite with a bike pole sparks

Fight With Tools – Flobots, The

echo echo one-nine hear the call through fault lines smoke signals, old rhymes shorted lights in store signs spelled in a broken code find that it is time to

Anne Braden – Flobots, The

What I’ve realized since is that it’s a very painful process but it is not destructive. It’s the world deliberation. And what really happened in the sixties was that