Performer FLYLEAF

There For You – Flyleaf

You’re always a true friend. I don’t deserve you cause I’m not there for you. Please forgive me again… I want to be there for you… Someone you can

Justice And Mercy – Flyleaf

We are not ignorant Blood in our hearts Blood in our hands We’re human We reason We’re breathing Protecting You’re living and dying, surviving, we’re trying To breathe in

Red Sam – Flyleaf

Empty hands Wishing my wrists were bleeding To stop the pain from the beatings There you stood Holding me Waiting for me to notice you But who are you

I’m Sorry – Flyleaf

It’s true that I dream less often I’m not ashamed of that long december. Your hand’s coming down again. I close my eyes and brace myself I only noticed

Sorrow – Flyleaf

Like the moonless dark, meant to make me strong. Familiar breath of my old lies Changed the color in my eyes Soon he will perferate the fabric of the

Breathe Today – Flyleaf

Who’s in front of you And if you assume Just like them What good will it do So find out for yourself So your ignorance Will stop bleeding through

Supernatural – Flyleaf

Constant Increasing in pain with each passing day She can’t even manage to stand on her own It’s gotten so bad Now you think of saying There’s no use

I’m So Sick – Flyleaf

With what’s written on my heart I will break, break I’m so sick, infected with Where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, selfishness I’m so sick

So I Thought – Flyleaf

To everlasting memories Show soul Kiss the stars with me And dread the wait for Stupid calls returning to us to life We say to those who are in

Cassie – Flyleaf

To save her life or take it The answer no to avoid death The answer yes would make it Make it Do you believe in God Written on the

Much Like Falling – Flyleaf

I was lying I was truly thinking of How I might quit waking up He pointed out how selfish It would be to kill myself So I keep waking

All Around Me – Flyleaf

My arms are outstretched towards you I feel you on my fingertips My tongue dances behind my lips for you This fire rising through my being Burning I’m not

Perfect – Flyleaf

Sick of bearing the guilt Open the windows to cool off Heat pours in instead Perfect in weakness. I’m only perfect in just your strength alone All my efforts