Non Cent$ – Forbidden

Hot blast out your ass that they’re talking with cavity creep looking for victims Band over and over to give you the fist Making it hurt all the way

Mind’s “I” – Forbidden

I can’t release the voices, never be the same Silence is my friend…no more Mind’s “I” I can’t take anymore, choking on my apathy Words that I say don’t

Feed The Hand – Forbidden

Could you answer that for me my friend? Should I even believe in tomorrow? Who will answer that for me? Who can I trust among the ones who will

Rape – Forbidden

Violation, elevation, desecration Bleed on me I’ve taken all your trust in me and thrown it away Plead for me I’ve stained your pride But you still want me

Turns To Rage – Forbidden

I watch the world across the room content with second rate So called friend all pass me by, in and out my space In and out my face, found

Wake Up! – Forbidden

Peel the lids back from you eyes Now take a look Stand up Spitting in the face of fear Break out now’s the time to find your way Alone

Over The Middle – Forbidden

Don’t try to fight it, it ain’t gonna work Fuck no, it isn’t, no way I’m missing This time your going down Fusion, a megaton load Release of anger

Out Of Body (Out Of Mind) – Forbidden

Projected through my mind’s eye Brilliant light, blinding sight, burning Nullified and stone cold, something wants to rape my soul Running from the vile Evil Force, Fight it off,

Face Down Heroes – Forbidden

Cyanide thrills pulling em back Snake in the grass, face in the clouds Facing the wind, a face in the crowd Throughout your frustration Go along with all the

Phat – Forbidden

Step to the plate or sit the fuck down and watch Living to please ourselves Burned Rising up we will show the whole fucking world no Nothing will keep

Kanaworms – Forbidden

Here comes that feeling once again Pop the lid, down we go Falling fast though the undertow Missing link crossing path Bleeding eyes see your fractured past Point of

Step By Step – Forbidden

Numbing your mind to the pain You broke the rule, the payment’s cruel Selfish road, you paved the way Hiding in your fantasy, it’s easier to lie The choice

Green – Forbidden

Different shades bought and sold, illusion control Extortion incest Greed – it’s never enough They’re building us up while they’re tearing us down On their hands is the blood

Twisted Into Form – Forbidden

Churches founded with heaven in sight Do unto them as they tell you to How can the children believe this is true? Burn our thoughts, they can change our

Distortion – Forbidden

Reaching to the back of mind Terrified Shifting in and out of time Fear overcoming my senses Waiting is agony Point of intensity increasing Dreaming, forbidden anxiety Screaming….distortion Pressure

R. I. P. – Forbidden

“Guard the nation” This killing force that we have made, what for? I am sickened by this attitude that plagues the Mother Earth It always seems that we’re all

Infinite – Forbidden

As wisdom brutally teaches Pacing back and forth again and again Just searching for an end Panic wave chaos showers Sickening stench of man gone sour Laughing at us