Lucid Dreams – Franz Ferdinand

Short wave ride my rodeo Became from that of Savalon But I’m flyin’ to Istanbul Oh, so why don’t you meet me there? There is no nation of you,

Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand

And a voice says hi, so So what you gotta what you gotta disdain. C’mon let’s get high C’mon look so, you got next oh, Walk 25 miles oh

Evil And A Heathen – Franz Ferdinand

Like plates from shaking hands Smash upon the silence Of the smooth naked canal I’m evil and a heathen I’m evil and a heathen I’m a heathen and evil

The Fallen – Franz Ferdinand

Just because you like to destroy All the things that bring the idiots joy Well, what’s wrong with a little destruction? And the Kunst won’t talk to you Because

Do You Want To? – Franz Ferdinand

Going to make somebody love me I’m going to make somebody love me Now I know Now I know Now I know that it’s you You’re lucky, lucky, you’re

Auf Achse – Franz Ferdinand

You hear her, you can’t hold her You want her, you can’t have her You want to, but she won’t let you You see her, you can’t touch her

You Could Have It So Much Better – Franz Ferdinand

Said I looked truly down That I oughtta come over And talk about it Well I wasn’t down I just wasn’t smiling at you As I look at us

Can’t Stop Feeling – Franz Ferdinand

I can’t stop feeling No, I won’t stop feeling And the fun’s not fun anymore I can’t stop feeling No, I won’t stop feeling And you leave me here

The Dark Of The Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

Slide the nail under the top and bottom buttons of my blazer Relax the fraying wool, slacken ties And I’m not to look at you in the shoe but

Turn It On – Franz Ferdinand

It ain’t easy being this kind of lover won’t you ever call me Oh I’m dedicated, yes I’m a forgiver Oh I’m dedicated, sure I’m a giver I’m dedicated,

Katherine Kiss Me – Franz Ferdinand

Slip your little lips Will split me Split me away Your eye won’t hit me Yes, I love you, I mean it I’d love to get to know you

Bite Hard – Franz Ferdinand

I sing these songs, About you, You don’t know the the Pseudonyms, I assume You don’t know the the Pseudonyms, I assume, For you. Are you happy now? That

The Outsiders – Franz Ferdinand

But we’re still outsiders If everybody’s here Then hell knows We ride alone I’ve seen some years But you’re still my Caesar With everything I feel I feel you’ve

What You Meant – Franz Ferdinand

Into the close of your tenement You cast your darkened eyes so low Said we’re cold as the step cement But I just don’t know what you meant So

Michael – Franz Ferdinand

so come and dance with me Michael So sexy, I’m sexy, so come and dance with me Michael I’m all that you see, you wanna see, so come and

Jacqueline – Franz Ferdinand

Working on a desk When Iver Peered above a spectacle Forgot that he had wrecked a girl Sometimes these eyes Forget the face they’re peering from When the face

Tell Her Tonight – Franz Ferdinand

I only heard her talk, but she saw it I only touched her lips but she saw it I only kissed her lips, but she saw it Gonna have

Walk Away – Franz Ferdinand

Crushed the end within my stride Said ‘I’m strong now I know that I’m a leaver” I love the sound of you walking away Mascara bleeds a blackened tear

This Boy – Franz Ferdinand

Too forward, way too physical It’s time that I had another I’m always wanting more, if there’s another one Give me some more, I’ll have another one I’ll have

What She Came For – Franz Ferdinand

Where’d you get your name from, where’d you get your name from? I got a question for ya, Where do you see yourself in five minutes. Fiiiiiive Ah with