Made In Heaven – Freddie Mercury

Living with painful memories, loving with all my heart, Made in heaven, made in heaven, it was all meant to be, yeah Made in heaven, made in heaven. That’s

My Love Is Dangerous – Freddie Mercury

Always makes you bleed, always makes you bleed, Always makes you bleed – love is dangerous. Don’t follow in my footsteps, you don’t belong to me You only make

Man Made Paradise – Freddie Mercury

In their glow But it’s the same old story Want you to melt inside my arms like falling Rain upon the snow But you say no, you say no

You Kind Of Lover – Freddie Mercury

I just can’t believe it’s true You’re my kind of lover Wanna little bit of feeling Add a little bit of meaning to my life Wanna little bit of

Foolin’ Around – Freddie Mercury

Foxylady, you really are the greatest show in town You want to play, You wanna eat your cake and have it your way You got it easy and you

I Was Born To Love You – Freddie Mercury

I was born to love you With every single beat of my heart Yes, I was born to take care of you Every single day of my life You

There Must Be More To Life Than This – Freddie Mercury

There must be more to life than this How do we cope in a world without love Mending all those broken hearts And tending to those crying faces There

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow – Freddie Mercury

You always had the upper hand Got caught in love and stepped in sinking sand You had to go and run all our plans Packed your bags and you’re

Let’s Turn It On – Freddie Mercury

Thinking, thinking, Let’s turn it on, everybody song and dancing, Dancing, dancing, Let’s turn it on, all the people got to get the Right impression Turn it on, turn