Overkill – Front Line Assembly

“A ghastly column of smoke that rose from her head” Break with me We, we, we collapse Its, its over Hanging from above You, you, you, wake up screaming!

Victim – Front Line Assembly

“Hostages unguarded, one hostage dead.” “Two terrorists dead.” “Would you like to know what the diagnosis was?” “Some kind of electrical discharge.” ??? points Now the anguish Animate your

Gun – Front Line Assembly

“Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby” “I didn’t hit nobody without no provocation, I mean, I didn’t say nothing to the man, I didn’t pull out no gun and

Mindphaser – Front Line Assembly

“Cyborgs – cybernetic organisms…” “Machines with living human tissue and programmed to destroy” The silence is deafening Regression hangs in the air A motionless world sits waiting For new

Big Money – Front Line Assembly

“Yet (as) the threat of war is ever more remote” “What is the moral challenge of our day?” Corrupted – corrupt politicians Who’ll say anything On their, on their

Liquid Seperation – Front Line Assembly

Where No One Can Breathe Where G-Forces Rip Out Your Lungs And Your Brain Starts to Freeze Deprived of Vital Oxygen Your Mind Starts to Drift Sinking Into A

Division Of Mind – Front Line Assembly

Out to The West This Fascist Nation Never Rest Fight Back (4X) Rulers of Hatred We Execute Pain Not With Our Hands But Others We Pay Fight Back (4X)

Re-Animate – Front Line Assembly

Champs of oppression Devils of mine The youth of tomorrow ??? to find Reanimate, reanimate Corroded minds ??? desire We’re all so blind Terminate the feelings pressures of life

This Faith – Front Line Assembly

The Sickness in Their Mind Is Real We Fight and Struggle to Survive This Cultured Way of Suicide This Faith Is Real the Betrayal chorus As We Fall From

Forge – Front Line Assembly

Submissive??? deviants Rejecting all their casualties Atrocities of mankind Executed to extinction If you analyze that ship of fools, In the end you’ll always lose Your mental games are

Millenium – Front Line Assembly

Into The Light We Fade Into Submission We All Hallucinate Into The Ground We All Dissipate Into Delusion We All Segregate Chorus: Amid All This Confusion We Lose Sight

Plasma Springs – Front Line Assembly

Impact Is Near Switches Are On It Won’t Be Long Distinguish The Sound You Must Be Strong Software Collides On Both Sides Chorus Run For Your Lives If You

Provision – Front Line Assembly

We’re the ones who’ve got control.” Look at all the fools With their eyes sticking out Backup, backup. Deceived by the hype They all want control Backup, backup. No

Resist – Front Line Assembly

“Bio-readouts are all in the green, looks like she’s alive” Resist, resist, resist… “Killed your lovers” Resist the command Vicious warning Deface – deface the??? Fleeing from rejection, You’re

The Blade – Front Line Assembly

“Any means necessary for survival” “Stick ’em up motherfucker…” “I don’t think that…” “I don’t think that the real violence has even started yet” “Bwahahahahah” “Stick ’em up motherfucker,

Vigilante – Front Line Assembly

In His Behavior Crowded Into A Hole Racial Incoherence Nowhere Left to Go Misery: Is Unforgiving He Struggles From Within He Roams The Human Wasteland His Memories Grow Dim