Performer GAMMA RAY

18 Years – Gamma Ray

Sometimes I ask myself, “Is this the life I want to have?” Are you still satisfied with the situation That you’ve had for many years now? Time is movin’

Strangers In The Night – Gamma Ray

We lay our souls into your hands and our freedom remains We ride on wings of hope and our star will rise again Run before you die – can’t

Gardens Of The Sinner – Gamma Ray

As the heat is rising, out there in the past Fallen angels calling, they have come to last They are coming out of the dark Then the horsemen ride

Watcher In The Sky – Gamma Ray

I’m watching the mountains I’m watching the sea Observing the creatures I am lost – set me free Across the heavens I made my way I’ve seen empires rise

All Of The Damned – Gamma Ray

One time in life is all I need, to satisfy my senses Delusions of reality are tearing your defenses I never tried to catch the rainbow, But in the

Money – Gamma Ray

I don’t need no money, I will stuck to my ideals. You better get some money, you better get yourself a deal. I won’t change my habits and throw

Heroes (only On Japan Version) – Gamma Ray

We can win, we can lose We can swallow the bad news In the end we all know Our life is just a show Everybody plays a game and

Valley Of The Kings – Gamma Ray

Father can you hear me, did you talk to mother earth What did they say, what did they see, now… is it time for your rebirth? Open up the

Armageddon – Gamma Ray

Now all you sinners, this is the prophecy The revelation of your own destiny You had a dream once, a dream that you have sold And now my brothers,

One With The World – Gamma Ray

Do you think there’s a chance For this world to live in unity as one? I can try to believe But I feel it’s like a view into the

As Time Goes By – Gamma Ray

Do you believe in justice Or so-called co-existence? What’s wrong with politicians? They give their best for you The economic’s growin’ Some tiny holes above A little radiation Wake

Pray – Gamma Ray

So here we stand again Like dust on mother earth And we hide our faces in our dreams Only emptines where angels flew – high on golden wings And

Abyss Of The Void – Gamma Ray

Now I must go I’ll wait for you to follow No turning back But there’s a light I’ve seen it all Riding through never fall When all is done

Send Me A Sign – Gamma Ray

Out of the dark He came without a warning The guarding light I didn’t see… On a storytellers night He spoke his words of wisdom The tales he told

Heal Me – Gamma Ray

When I wake up at the end of the day The moon comes out, the sun fades away I get myself out of my bed and cry Is it

Tribute To The Past – Gamma Ray

He who found a way to leave to somewhere far from now Traveling in his timemachine a dream that had come true Fly my friend, you will see, something

The Silence – Gamma Ray

When you’re drowning, when you’re freezin’, when you’re feeling cold There’s a light in the darkness as the elder always told. When the winter’s coming closer and the autumn’s

No Return – Gamma Ray

I’m riding the wind, don’t need your request You’d never invite me but I will be your guest Oh no, no don’t be afraid of the reaper It’s time

Rich & Famous – Gamma Ray

I don’t believe in fame, I believe in music. I don’t believe in money, I believe in the power of love. I know I got a brain and I

The Winged Horse – Gamma Ray

In a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, faceless magician Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of tears, shadows passing by Blood is covering the