Performer GARGOYLE

Burning – Gargoyle

We’ve got to put the devil in his place Slap him in the face Can’t you see that we must set it free Or it’s likely to destroy us

Down To The Ground – Gargoyle

Beware the cut of the knife Tarnishing your soul with thoughts of sacrilege is wrong Beware the evil is strong Can’t you feel your heart sinking down to the

Out From The Shadows – Gargoyle

An image reappearing in your mind My life has been an open book but still you’ll never know The reason I have come for you this time CHORUS: In

Look Homeward – Gargoyle

A dark fate awaits if you should fall See the path unwind before you destination clear If you choose to answer the call The time has come to leave

Blind Faith – Gargoyle

We’ve nothing to fear now What’s done is done you can’t deny That this will never change now you’re satisfied CHORUS: Blind faith leading us all, blind faith leading

Final Victory – Gargoyle

Tell the world the giant sleeps no more Like the wrath of god above the nations fall at will Who’ll be left to count the final score If the