Performer GARY MOORE

Out In The Fields – Gary Moore

It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or if you’re right. It makes no difference if you’re black or if you’re white. All men are equal till the victory is

Oh Pretty Woman – Gary Moore

Oh, pretty woman sure’s the rising sun. Says all your cheap paint and powder ain’t gonna help you none. ‘Cause she’s a pretty woman right down to her bone.

Falling In Love With You – Gary Moore

When I’m close to you, I feel my heartbeat telling me that you’re the one for me. Darling, I don’t understand the reasons, I just know that this was

Out Of My System – Gary Moore

You’re out of reach, you’re out of touch. This time baby you’ve run out of love. You’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. Another heartache I’ve left behind.

Where In The World – Gary Moore

Maybe the sun will keep on shining Maybe the stars fall from the skies Where there’s a river flowing There is no way of knowing Where it goes, no

Strangers In The Darkness – Gary Moore

Oh, strangers. He get’s this feeling. It’s there within, each time he wakes. This empty feeling. Before too long, he’ll start to shake. You see him after midnight on

Waiting In The Wings – Gary Moore

She was standing in the dark Waiting in the wings Just around the next dream She was holding all the keys To set my heart free Behind the shadows

Back On The Streets – Gary Moore

Listen to me woman, I just think it’s a sin. I know you hear me knockin’, but you won’t let me in. Might be fine for you just to

Victims Of The Future – Gary Moore

Searching each day for the answers, watching our hopes disappear. Set on a course for disaster, living our lives in fear. Our leaders leave us in confusion. For them

Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore

Used to be so easy to give my heart away. But I found out the hard way, there’s a price you have to pay. I found out that love

City Of Gold – Gary Moore

In my home of sand outside the city of gold The wind’s so burning hot but my heart remains so cold I need to buy myself some answers But

Fanatical Fascists – Gary Moore

There’s a new sensation playin’ across the nation. Just don’t care, they just don’t care. They’ll eat your heart out before you start out. Just don’t care, they just

Song For Donna – Gary Moore

Whenever I’m with you, the more I can give you, the love that’s inside my heart. No, it’s not easy, but baby believe me, it hurts me when we’re

Why Does Love Have To Go Wrong? – Gary Moore

Take a look in the mirror What do you see Take a look deep inside you Are you still free? There is no peace of mind When love turns

Walking By Myself – Gary Moore

You know I love you. You know it’s true. Give you all my love, babe. What more can I do? Walking by myself, I hope you’ll understand. I just

That Kind Of Woman – Gary Moore

She’s that kind of woman. No doubt about how she feels. She’s holding promises. Her eyes won’t tell, her lips are sealed. And I like her like that. She’s

Don’t You Lie To Me (I Get Evil) – Gary Moore

There’s two kinds of people that I just can’t stand, a cold-hearted woman and a lyin’ man. So don’t you lie to me. Don’t you lie to me. Because

All I Want – Gary Moore

I don’t know what is wrong with you. Baby, baby, whatcha tryin’ to do to me? Lovin’ you has got me so confused, I’m sick and tired of always

Can’t Fool The Blues – Gary Moore

You can fool the landlord sp you don’t pay the rent You can fool the world and become the president You can fool all the people some the time

King Of The Blues – Gary Moore

He was born in Mississippi 1924. He was born in Mississippi 1924. Left his home with no money. He had to pay his dues, but he knew the time