Rising Sun – George Harrison

You can have the devil as a guide Crippled by the boundaries, programmed into guilt Til your nervous system starts to tilt In a room of mirrors you can

See Yourself – George Harrison

It’s easier to kill a fly than it is to turn it loose It’s easier to criticize somebody else Than to see yourself It’s easier to give a sigh

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – George Harrison

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son? And where have you been, my darling young one? I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains, I’ve walked and

Brainwashed – George Harrison

Brainwashed by the school Brainwashed by our teachers And brainwashed by all their rules Brainwashed by our leaders By our Kings and Queens Brainwashed in the open And brainwashed

Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) – George Harrison

Through the hall and out the door To the fountain of perpetual mirth Let it roll for all it’s worth Find me where ye echo lays Lose ye bodies

Devil’s Radio – George Harrison

Gossip, gossip I heard it in the night Words that thoughtless speak Like vultures swooping down below On the devil’s radio I hear it through the day Airwaves gettin’

Simply Shady – George Harrison

I thought I’d take a sip Came off the rails so crazy My senses took a dip Before the bottle hit the floor And I’d had time to think

Cloud Nine – George Harrison

It fits you like a glove Join my dream, tell me yes Bail out should there be a mess The pieces you don’t need are mine Take my time

This Guitar (Can’t Keep From Crying) – George Harrison

Found myself out on a limb But I’m happier than I’ve ever been But this guitar can’t keep from crying Learned to get up when I fall Can even

Apple Scruffs – George Harrison

Seen the passers-by all stare Like you have no place to go But there’s so much they don’t know about Apple Scruffs You’ve been stood around for years Seen

Bangla Desh – George Harrison

He told me that he wanted help Before his country dies Although I couldn’t feel the pain, I knew I had to try Now I’m asking all of you

Save The World – George Harrison

Someone else may want to use it So far we’ve seen This planet’s rape, how we’ve abused it We’ve got to save the world The Russians have the biggest

Tired Of Midnight Blues – George Harrison

As I sat with the tears in my eyes The sun came up on you And as you smiled, the teardrop, it dried I don’t know where I had

Dream Away – George Harrison

Oh Ry In Eye Key Ooh Lay Ka Kay Ooh Lau Ee – Oh Ry In Eye Say Te Lee Ay Vee Show Midnight sunshine silent thunder Sky as

That’s The Way It Goes – George Harrison

What he’s saying I don’t really know Seems he’s lost some stocks and shares Stops and stares He’s afraid I know That’s the way it goes There’s a man

Not Guilty – George Harrison

For getting in your way While you’re trying to steal the day Not guilty And I’m not here for the rest I’m not trying to steal your vest. I

It’s What You Value – George Harrison

And his friends are so wild They’re still in their stick shifties But they feel they have much more style But I’ve found. . . It’s all up to

That’s What It Takes – George Harrison

And you found the eyes to see Each little drop at dawn of ev’ry day Your smile, it comes back to me And whatever you may say Don’t let

Life Itself – George Harrison

You are my love You send the rain and bring the sun You stand alone and speak the truth You are the breath of life itself, oh yes you

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – George Harrison

I don’t want you But I hate to lose you You got me in between the devil and the deep blue sea I forgive you Cos I can’t forget