Our Paths May Never Cross – George Strait

Like me your feeling lost Maybe right now we both need each other But our paths may never cross People like us never find each other Love is our

Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) – George Strait

But I hung your stocking today It makes me feel better Though we’re not together You’ll always be in my heart Merry Christmas, wherever you are Since it was

Better Rain – George Strait

Rainin’ the blues on you Like it’s never gonna end on you And all your dreams like leaves in the gutter go floatin’ b No, baby, I don’t know

The Chill Of An Early Fall – George Strait

And way down deep inside me something died When he came ’round to see her that way. Here it comes again, that same old chilly wind Will blow like

Adalida – George Strait

Adalida, pretty little cajun queen. Sweet dixie flower, the belle of the bayou- You’re every young man’s dream. Adalida, I’d walk through a hurricane To stand beside you sweet

Write This Down – George Strait

Thought everything was going alright, but I was running out of time. ‘Cause you had one foot out the door, I swear I didn’t see But if you’re really

Heartland – George Strait

You’re listening to the sound of the American heart. And Opry music on a Saturday night Brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

I’ve Got A Funny Feeling – George Strait

A satisfied look I ain’t seen for awhile I ain’t had no rings, fulfilled any dreams But somethin’s come over my baby it seems I’ve got a funny feeling

We’re Supposed To Do That Now And Then – George Strait

Both got maddened and soon turned into somethin’ But we made up like we always do ’cause you love me And I love you And we’re supposed to do

The Fireman – George Strait

Well they call me the fireman, that’s my name. Making my rounds all over town, putting out old flames. Well everybody’d like to have a what I got. I

Last Time The First Time – George Strait

You’ve been untrue for the last time. I know that you’ve been usin’ me for a past time. It’s the last time the first time for me. I found

Come On Joe – George Strait

And the stars are shining kinda extra bright Sitting on the back porch glidin’ Whetting my appetite Well, I’m a six-pack high And start missing the light of my

She Told Me So – George Strait

Just being lose to me makes her love grow Each night she thanks God for the day she found me Why, when she came home this morning, she told

Heartbroke – George Strait

Or the bitter direction of impending good-byes I’ve followed and folded, I’m wilted in place At the sight of you standing with streaks down your face With your heart

One Step At A Time – George Strait

When you told her that you owned her heart and soul You say you’ve got her wrapped around your finger But there’s somethin’ about angels you should know

Last In Love – George Strait

But I’ve been here before, and I don’t want to be here again. Every now and then voices on the wind Call me back to the first time. Far

Honky Tonk Saturday Night – George Strait

And that’s not so wrong if you get it done right. Halos and horns lock up on the dance floor On a Honkytonk Saturday Night. It’s a Honkytonk Saturday

Unwound – George Strait

‘Cause I’ve got a problem I’m gonna drink off my chest. I’m gonna spend the night getting down ‘Cause that woman that I had wrapped around my finger Just

Honky Tonk Crazy – George Strait

To get me through the night Got a tight blue jean honky tonk queen To hold me tightAnd the cowboy bands in mission Of Texas waltz It’s music to

Why Not Now – George Strait

You play it safe ’cause that’s what people do today I guess that’s ok Girl somewhere in your mind There must be a perfect time to fall in love