Infernal Sights Of A Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites) – God Dethroned

The cross on which he’s nailed drips with blood His body is mangled, emaciated The downfall, the final defeat (lead – Henri) The dark one is the night Searching

Firebreath – God Dethroned

I’m the devil and Michael De Ruyter’s my name. I ride on the waves, right through your chains. You are my prey and you’ll never forget my name. A

Hordes Of Lucifer – God Dethroned

Summon the weak Blinding their eyes Grinding the opposition Untamble hate Causing death Forks of fire Ripping the sight of tiranny Satan Master iver mortal christ Still having the

Serpent King – God Dethroned

From the heavens I once came. And I choose your soul. To have and hold forever. Feel my presence every second. But my body travels undetected. Now. I’m gonna

Cadavers – God Dethroned

Intro your morbid world of darkness Sickening harp rasps accompany My voyage of damnation Unchain the soul From decaying corpse For the majesty, to corrode Trying to still His

Soul Capture 1562 – God Dethroned

Longing for distant shores we cannot find. The weather’s bad and we need shelter. But our captain sails on and on. I dare you God to challenge me. On

Nocturnal – God Dethroned

Shades are dancing in a pale moonlight. Nocturnal occurrencies. Imagination no the night is real. I’m looking for the truth. But never can I find a trace. Of bloody

The Christhunt – God Dethroned

From the book of shadows The curse to uncreate Thy kingdom will fall Speak out his name, backwards And eternity will rot I am the one begotten son My

The Somberness Of Winter – God Dethroned

And yes we found the northern passage. The northern passage to hell This world it turned into ice The sun has set for the months to come A landscape