Performer GODGORY

Adultery – Godgory

to the red light world come to me child and show me what you? ve got no need to cry as you pay the price for my greed my

Crimson Snow – Godgory

The scream remain from last night when he skilfuled took her life It? s not heroic When he slices them with a knife but his desire dies He is

Abandon – Godgory

My tears they rain, in the moonlight The vision is gone, I can no longer see It brings me back, back to reality I am closing my eyes I

God’s Punishment – Godgory

It was the end of humanity All was burning nothing left to save The streets turned into a mass grave The people that was still alive They pray to

Sick To The Core – Godgory

You pray for love but none you found The girls in graves are callin out your name You gonna get love but it? s from the underground Your paralized

Resurrection – Godgory

fought too hard and lived too fast broke me down, tore me up So I buried myself deep down in the blackest hole ther I slept, There I wept

In Silence Forever – Godgory

Under the moon alone Shadows hanging over me Like painful memories Can’t you tell me where I belong In this society I don? t care about anything It’s all

Surrounded By Dreams – Godgory

Surrounded by silence and time Dreams start to arise I wish it was real I wish it was life Escape from reality All the dreams I have and I

Corporal Infection – Godgory

I am the one who? s making you insane I am the one who? s eating on your brain I am the one who gives you all the pain

Religious Fantasy – Godgory

That don? t even exists You are so full of shit in your brain That you don? t understand Someone created the lies that you buy You believe in