Performer GOLGOTHA

Stillness – Golgotha

Covered by what once Were free man And now they’re only dust The mud still keeps some bone As a relic of their lifes (lifes lifes lifes) A living

The Wood In Me – Golgotha

And rocky pates Do create the landscape Of my previous experiences Which form the lonely way Of my life Now step by step I try to continue Again towards

The Proverb – Golgotha

Every people has got a way to look for Every person has got a target to culminate That are plenty of obstacles Obstacles to toss up in a irremediable

Answers – Golgotha

I was about To stop my searching Sinking In my sadness marsh Drowning In my loneliness marsh Exhausted Of wondering towards nowhere That night A beautiful dove Very hard

Raceflections – Golgotha

More power or are different (woah) We destroy what we cannot (woah) Control with our index finger We think we are powerful When just a simple feeling Can change

Lifetrappers – Golgotha

They round and round around me Just like A merry-go-round Of dark sadness The shadows The shadows The shadows The shadows Of dark Sadness The shadows The shadows The

Love Gun – Golgotha

I really love you baby I love what you’ve got Let’s get together, we can Get hot No more tomorrow Time is today Girl, I can make you feel

Immaterial Deceptions – Golgotha

In a critical moment of your life Always that you need a friend And he’s the first who comes to help you Always that you feel content And he’s

Dark Tears – Golgotha

They let everything fall apart That something could happen It just scapes from their hands For being afraid to talk clear I can’t understand why I can’t understand why

Lake Of Memories – Golgotha

You appear in a place And not knowing why Your dreams comes true Fighting too much to get it (yeah) So many walls to jump So many questions to

The Way Of Confusion – Golgotha

Close to the road Always I’ve been Searching for But I don’t dare To come in I’m invaded by the dark thoughts I’m invaded by the irrational doubts And

Save Me, Kiss Me – Golgotha

In the cool lonely nights When the cool is darkness everywhere I make you come back to my consciousness Beautiful lady of The magnanimous forest Where I found you

Nothing – Golgotha

Being at the place of darkness Where everything that exists, never is Being in the place of inexistence Where silence is everything Where silence never stops Being in a

Virtualis Demens – Golgotha

Another way to spend bit more of my life Dreams turn reality or is this reality?? Black and white squares fills all dimensions Or maybe it’s just a dream

Lonely – Golgotha

To tell what I need Not to fear anymore And then walking without chains All these nights dreaming awake Creating my own cosmos Being the God of my own

Emotionless – Golgotha

Avoiding it to fade away Keeping an stupid existence And with your decadence going on the way Looking somebody in the mirror Whose life is just a mistake And