Performer GORILLAZ

New Genious (Brother) – Gorillaz

Dream on my world I live on my world Going off my head down to somewhere Goin’ on the best of tune and pressure today I blew a bad

Ghost Train – Gorillaz

Here they come to steal my soul Ghost Train Wait it out until I know Ghost Train Trying not to feel like you did Ghost Train Moving up untill

12D3 – Gorillaz

Won’t you buy me Piano chord Dictionary One two D three One two D three One two D three One two D three Mmm (x8) One two D three

Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version) – Gorillaz

‘Cause I’m this, Gorillaz from the mist lyricist and my thoughts be twisted. I spit the wickedest rhymes from a time that’s never existed. My futuristic linguistics turn fools

November Has Come – Gorillaz

No split clown Bum, your old hit sound dumb Hold it now, crown ‘im Where you found them at Got ’em ’round town Coulda drowned in it Woulda floated

Latin Simone – Gorillaz

If you wanna survive Get oh so alive In your life Everything falling out the sky on top of you Now what you do Fill yourself up now It’s

Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head – Gorillaz

Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home Jump back from behind them and shoot them in the head

Demon Days – Gorillaz

You don’t get nobody, people sigh It’s so bad, lasting far, but love yourself Hiding in a hole in there All the glasses are too big Bring it back,

DARE – Gorillaz

It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s DARE It’s DARE You’ve got to press it on you You just could

El Maсana – Gorillaz

Eager man, that’s all Summer don’t know me He just let me love in my sea Cause I do know, Lord, from you that Just died, yeah I saw

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

shake it, shake it… shake it feel good (8x) City`s breaking down on a camel’s back. They just have to go ‘cos they don’t know wack So all ya

Punk – Gorillaz

Oooohahh! Try to see myself what goes on. Make it up myself, I’ll never. Always told my thoughts aloud, then another day I shut up. Back to the sand,

Slow Country – Gorillaz

Calling me later Leave my soul In deep water Never get a better chance So what you doing Gotta get money Ain’t quite what you’re doing I can’t stand

19-2000 – Gorillaz

I’m buyin’ lead Nike shoes To keep myself tethered To the days I tried to lose (Oh Yeah) My mama said to slow down You must make your own

Kids With Guns – Gorillaz

Kids with guns Taking over But it won’t be long They’re mesmerized Skeletons Kids with guns Kids with guns Easy does it, easy does it, they got something to

Last Living Souls – Gorillaz

Are we the last living souls? Are we the last living souls? Are we the last living souls? Take a gun Or how you say That’s no way you

Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix) – Gorillaz

Dis da man you call Sweet Alongside a man called Ed Case Wit da Gorillaz The refix Can I see it Na na na all right Na na na

Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

The poor people are burning in the sun But they ain’t got a chance They ain’t got a chance I need a gun Cos all I do is dance

5/4 – Gorillaz

Magic make no sound It good for me It good for me underground Magic on me Really got me down Invade the city It make my heart beat no

Sound Check (Gravity) – Gorillaz

Never let me down, Yeah man Gravity, with me Never let me down, Nah, nah, gravity Yo who the fuck X6 But then again, X4 Aw don’t hold me