Performer GORKY PARK

Danger – Gorky Park

Don’t love me cause it’s danger Desire owns my heart Don’t need me cause it’s danger A warning from the start Hey, baby, let go Passion is my crime

Live For… – Gorky Park

Verse 1: Falling I’m falling again Losing control like a plane In a state of my pain I just need little light to retain Dreaming I dreaming again Triping

My Generation – Gorky Park

Just because we get around, talking ’bout my generation Things they do look awful cold, talking ’bout my generation Hope I die before I get old, talking ’bout my

For All We Can Say – Gorky Park

Saved, a rain off freedom hail All the time, undecided, we call them and we see them All the way, deep in gray, we raise them and we feed’em

Stranger – Gorky Park

Stranger, tell me please, have I seen this place? Oh stranger, you’re so close, I can hold your hand. I’m a stranger, oh, just like you, don’t you understand?

Action – Gorky Park

Rock the world tonight It’s wine and women into fashion And London lives, underground is flashin’ New York is wilder Than any jungle you can find And Tokyo –

My Friend – Gorky Park

My friend I haven’t seen you for so long The world around us gone insane Don’t call around your psychic lines For just to know I’m so alone They

Don’t Pull The Trigger – Gorky Park

That is crumbling at your feet Holding on by the skin of it’s teeth Eroding, exploding In the world with the burning fuse What we don’t need is more

Don’t Make Me Stay – Gorky Park

Verse 1: I can’t see you My vision’s gone, but I can fly One step ahead and leave it all behind One step ahead from where I am A

Ego – Gorky Park

Words: N. Shneides & A. Johannes Verse 1: Ego ego ego ego ego So deep a web you weave I don’t see I stuck in me Ego ego ego

Animal Shelter – Gorky Park

Words: N. Shneider & A. Johannes Verse 1: One of this days, I’m gonna like a dream… Chasing your ghost, patting my head like a scream… Locking me up

City Of Pain – Gorky Park

And the shadows move through the night Daddy’s little angel begins her dance To the beat of the flashing lights Down the murder mile with a seductive smile She

Child Of The Wind – Gorky Park

You’re looking for a magic clue Your puzzle has a million pieces Who can put them together You’re living with a heart that’s beating Oooh out of time You’re

Hit Me With The News – Gorky Park

The young and restless light candles in the park She holds your picture, Inside she cries She knows your secret, Don’t tell me any lies Chorus: Hit me, hit

Strike – Gorky Park

Can’t step aside NET When hit is up Da No one’s away NET It just began Da Ain’t gonna wait NET Move it come on Da Can’t loose your

Five Wheel Drive – Gorky Park

Words: N. Shneider & A. Johannes Verse 1: Taken for the road man I say Turn into my afframp I say This is how we wind them I say

Ocean – Gorky Park

Verse 1: Take me back to see the ocean Bearing sound’o’ waves devotion Wash away the words corrosion That we left behind Clean me up with wind and water

Moscow Calling – Gorky Park

Talking on a phone and losing my mind Never never never never realize It feels so far, like a millions miles Give me give me give me give me

Stop The World I Want To Get Off – Gorky Park

Verse 1: Hey somebody next door do you remember my name Are you out to celebrate Indifference day Do you know that live in a cage without a key,

Welcome To The Gorky Park – Gorky Park

Ribbons in their hair Only problem what they found Choosing what to wear Moaning groaning run around makes it all okay Not so easy Trudging through the frozen tundra