Performer GOURDS

Jesus Christ with Signs Following – Gourds

serpents in the air. Hellbent on heaven bound, your earthly end is near. Guarded by the divine, we’re practicin’ our faith. There’s more than chance at work here, or

LGO – Gourds

For Helen would have surely knowed I’d love her if it weren’t that I Bind myself to a single joy I was sleeping with my LGO I was polishing

Gangsta Lean – Gourds

Yer gonna have t’let the blood dry on yer hands Ask yer mama t’knit you a blanket from Esau’s thigh Cause yer gonna have t’learn t’be lowly and wise

Dooley – Gourds

he lived below the mill Dooley had two daughters and a forty-gallon still. One gal watched the boiler the other watched the spout and momma corked the bottles when

Waterbag – Gourds

The milky globes of Sunday The son of a donkey Is a son of donkey Oooo we all come down the mountain accordingly Oooo we all come down the

Caledonia – Gourds

a little dance a little seltzer down yer pants lump o gold the size of yer head a little bramble in yer bed happy day in a boat trade

El Paso – Gourds

out of town Call and telephone lines are down I call and the lines are down Retarded girl oh’ she slurs Tornadoes out on the desert sir Tornadoes out

Ghosts of Hallelujah – Gourds

So keep yer matches handy and wait to see if when The ghosts of hallelujah trickle through the walls brandishing the wrong words nail the cursings in the hall

Gin and Juice – Gourds

by Snoop Doggy Dogg As played by the Gourds With so much drama in L-B-C It’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G But I, somehow, some way Keep comin up

I ate the Haggis – Gourds

By and by Hallelujah I ate the Haggis, Now I Feel like a cat on the warm hood of a car that’s just done driving on a cold winter’s

Meat off the Bone – Gourds

I’ve been callin’ my mama on the telephone I’ve been cookin’ lots of chicken on the kitchen stove And pulin’ a’meat right off the bone I’ve been sendin’ letters

County Orange – Gourds

he didn¹t want to wear his white buckled shoes nor was barefoot his speed he didnt like grocery store feet he was a fussy little kid when it came

The Flat Baritone – Gourds

Round the ol’ grape vine Heavy on the wire from the house Salt the cow and kill the calf Meet yer lonesome with a once and a half Gent¹s

Ziggy Stardust – Gourds

The spiders from Mars, he played it left hand But made it too far Became the special man, then we were Ziggy’s band Ziggy really sang, screwed up eyes

Maria – Gourds

she comes from Guatamala she helps me get around she helps when I’m in trouble when the ice cream hit the ground The Federales they were a’coming she had

Dying of the Pines – Gourds

I’ve lived long enough to cross swamps at night I’ve lived long enough to chase a rat I’ve lived long enough to take a jet ride If you see

Rugged Roses – Gourds

in silence let them ring the precious humming of our hearts in silence let them sing may our phantoms find there places where ever that may be let only

Everybody’s Missing the Sun – Gourds

Make no money, go out and play Get drunk and pick a fight Sin works best in the night Chorus: Everybody’s missing the sun Everybody’s

I Like Drinking – Gourds

And I smoke reefer a’do much the same Between me and you – there’s ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do to untangle these ties with you How much sweet life

Cold Bed – Gourds

than he has seemed in nights before skinless face and yellow heart, he hesitates and I wait All my stories are about the same things I find so many