Performer GRAVE

You’ll Never See… – Grave

Take my hand and walk with me until the end You will never see heaven Come and walk with me my friend I will guide you to the end

Worth The Wait – Grave

Cause deep inside I felt that we had bonded long ago Now a lifetime has passed before my eyes But I’ve seen nothing but your face behind the veil

Obsessed – Grave

Of a better life in heaven Of a life in paradise To hear the screams of tormented pain As dying victims feed the flames Looked back at life found

Bloodshed – Grave

Engulfed by my infernal breath Bloodlust over me I’m losing control Condemned to suffer you’ll rest As you follow me into infinity The sweet serenity is broken By the

Grief – Grave

Grant me your eternal reich take me to where corpses lie Look into my dying eyes still gazing with ecstasy Take me away end my life end my misery