Performer GREEN DAY

86 – Green Day

Did you lose something the last time you were here? You’ll never find it now It’s buried deep with your identity So stand aside and let the next one

I Want To Be Alone – Green Day

I WANNA BE ALONE With you around, you’ll only add on I WANNA BE ALONE Its been disturbed by my thoughts I WANNA BE ALONE With you around, you’ll

At The Library – Green Day

Tell me what do you see But you quickly turn your head away Try to find the words I could use Don’t have the courage to come up to

Having A Blast – Green Day

Explosives duct taped to my spine Nothings gonna change my mind I won’t listen to anyone’s last words There’s nothing left for you to say Soon you’ll be dead

2000 Light Years Away – Green Day

Staring up the walls I’ve been up all damn night long My pulse is speeding My love is yearning I hold my breath and close my eyesand dream about

Desensitized – Green Day

My head is like a sponge Give it to me free I wanna get ripped off And drown in the airwaves Another fatal wreck On the information highway So

Basket Case – Green Day

to listen to me whine About NOTHING and EVERYTHING all at once I am one of those Melodramatic fools Neurotic to the bone No doubt about it Sometimes I

Platypus (I Hate You) – Green Day

Your rise and fall Back up against the wall What goes around is coming back and haunting you It’s time to quit Cause you ain’t worth the shit Under

On The Wagon – Green Day

And I need some kind of output. For input twice the size of my one inch mind. So slap me on the hand. Put it right back down my

1,000 Hours – Green Day

The moon is shining bright You are the one I need Up at your window I see a shadow Silhouette of your grace Here’s this flower I picked for

In The End – Green Day

And all those nice things You FINALLY got what you want Someone to look good with AND light your cigarette Is this what you really want? I figured out

She – Green Day

She screams in silence A sullen riot penetrating through her mind We… Wait for a sign To smash the silence with the brick of self-control Are you locked up

Poprocks & Coke – Green Day

You know I’ll be there If you go far, You know I’ll be there I’ll go anywhere, So I’ll see you there You place the name You know I’ll

Do Da Da – Green Day

You take the reprecussions Headaches and anxieties Advancing my frustrations Rushings of my depression Sacrifice everything Waste with me into nothing Well now you’re stuck with me Stuck with

Why Do You Want Him? – Green Day

With a sad look on your face You call him on the phone Looks like he left you Without a trace Tears falling out of your eyes He’s living

Nice Guys Finish Last – Green Day

You’re running out of gas. Your sympathy will get you left behind. Sometimes you’re at your best, when you look the worst. Do you feel washed up, like piss

Walking Contradiction – Green Day

The shit so deep you can’t run away I beg to differ on the contrary I agree with every word that you say Talk is cheap and lies are

Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends Like my father’s come to pass Seven years has gone so fast Wake me up when September ends

Stuart And The Ave – Green Day

Stuart and the Avenue Ripping up my transfer And a photograph of you You’re a blur of my dead past and rotting existance As I stand laughing on the

Jesus Of Suburbia – Green Day

I’m the son of rage and love The Jesus of suburbia From the bible of none of the above On a steady diet of Soda pop and Ritalin No