Performer GRIP INC

Challenge – Grip Inc

Lungs breathing foulness Anal intellect fills rooms Cigar smoke and the stench of cheap wine Smothers my children’s innocence The blind and boiled misery sets sail Ship wrecked souls

Heretic War Chant – Grip Inc

lost world massacre of the masses unnoticed war orphans, sad daunting visions left young and angry, viscious combination fleeing slaughter and the application of terror millions pass through the

Vindicate – Grip Inc

Step from my shadow Rejoin your past communion Melt with empty dominions Angels carrying weapons Crying insanity left on the threshold Frozen shaking dysfunction’s not the way Pressures building

Isolation – Grip Inc

Release Thirty years of nothing Macabre chilling scene Heinous is the rescue of the infants soulless screams Raking up the past Opposites attack Adjustment brings me danger Let sleeping

Foresight – Grip Inc

Internet fraud information download Current techno scams electronic theft Hardware software available to all No federal guidelines for counterfeit ID’s bank cheques Fifty different states no unified design No

Amped – Grip Inc

Scored primed and packed geared up Rules are none move with the pack Chopped and spread lines reflect white Reasoning fades into the second day Searching for something more

Cuilty Of Innocence – Grip Inc

intent on breaking all the rules terror crash against the skin mixing of blood flesh tempted against nature fear drips like water on glass born, in bred, born, in

Myth Or Man – Grip Inc

Air tasted sweet speed felt right Down winding highways following cats eyes Glowing fierce and pines my mind runs shallow Eyelids getting heavy the road tells me to follow

Empress (Of Rancor) – Grip Inc

Beaten down, exploited, left in bits No hint of self seeking, cold hard facts overlooked While the ritual of disgust begins Premeditation, no trace Rigid execution Of plans severe

Scream At The Sky – Grip Inc

Structures built for what Real the premise We are not alone Truth kept locked away Evidemce, records destroyed Sightings shrouded in abscurity Abductions, scarred remains Comming to, returning from