Performer GUANO APES

Innocent Greed – Guano Apes

my greed is deeper I can see everything nothing’s between us you will see through my eyes I will see through your veins don’t you wanna listen what the

Wash It Down – Guano Apes

would be killing inside being trapped inajungle be cool don’t fight there are no enemies no justice but now you needrevenge everytime I show my faces to earn your

Suzie – Guano Apes

and I dream for a better, better glory god bless you and I bless you I’m angry why don’t you squeeze me the stage is my home and I

Open Your Eyes – Guano Apes

dream and search forever Have you ever been for sale? when your isms get smart oh so selfish and mindless with that comment in your eye Do you think

Gogan – Guano Apes

just a tiny fool the whipper snapper to be your funny tool The time will come I’ll call a friend we will finish your game to the end Oh

Never Born – Guano Apes

brings me through the storm Life is full of anger maybe I’m dead again now maybe there’s life in me so much stronger than the world gives it to

Mine All Mine – Guano Apes

I won’t run into the trap, something’s wrong, you’re under control your life has so much pain and if water burns,(the) white bearded man, sucks out your soul are

We Use The Pain – Guano Apes

could you fill the break we’re on the right way, to swing the little axe it’s the right day, to give up the tax We use the pain, for

Rain – Guano Apes

can’t wait until I feel your rain so unreal can’t find another place of your rain I believe I still believe in your warm rain I’m alone can’t sleep

No Speech – Guano Apes

do it slow I’m living on the bottom I got to go five little fingers grabbing at the glass gone, those days now I’m running up and down in

Too Close To Leave – Guano Apes

you’re so sweet your naked body lies next to mine and we’re here within touching you’re skin with my eyes I’m a river so deep in your arms sharin

Living In A Lie – Guano Apes

You’ve got it all, took it all from me Drove me insane Who’d come down to earth, releasing me Healing my wounds so why don’t you close the door

Big In Japan – Guano Apes

Crystal bits of snowflakes All around my head and in the wind I had no illusions That I’d ever find a glimpse Of summer’s heatwaves in your eyes You

Get Busy – Guano Apes

what I need is a man by my shoulder what I am, what you are allright I’m sick of your lying there Look at me, look at me growing