Performer HAGGARD

Lost (Robin’S Song) – Haggard

Did you ever see a little child sleeping? “To be near them will my sorrow drain…” Suddenly I stocked, their bodies weren’t breathing anymore And I couln’t help! They

Origin Of A Crystal Soul – Haggard

The poor ones gather under naked trees Asking how to survive, ’cause the winter breaks And medieval coldness now from a deep sleep awakes Libera me domine de morte,

In A Pale Moon’S Shadow – Haggard

Pacemque dones et protinus Ductore sic de praevio Vitemus omne noxium Hostem repellas eternus Pacemque dones et protinus Ductore sic de praevio Vitemus omne noxium A sream deep in

In A Fullmoon Procession – Haggard

The night awakes And the land is mournfully wrapped in silence Sorrow last And remains the past cause this will be my ending day Then the moonlight dies And

Charity Absurd – Haggard

It is not a scenery At this market-place in middle-ages Somebody – in the crowd – Speaks a prayer Hundred burning torches rise In their light appears the silhouette

The Day As Heaven Wept – Haggard

In the sign of the cross they rise It’s the epoch of the inquisition Too many brothers and sisters have died… …left with no life inside to be awakened

De La Morte Noire – Haggard

Those pictures are now getting clearer Inside his head And sent by the highest god They start to rise from the deepest depth “My King – dead – no!!!!!

Awaking The Centuries – Haggard

In the books of what will be Written by the demon lord? Never lift your head up to the east ’cause darkness wakes the best! Der Kerzen Schein Er

Incapsuled – Haggard

To survive she really had no chance And they thought, that all in her had died But ONE part was still alive… So they couldn’t hear The silent scream

Mind Mutilation – Haggard

The abusion has begun Say, is this the way YOU love me? All my might is gone… If your eyes are blind, I’ll tell you I am one of