Settin’ The Woods On Fire – Hank Williams, Sr

You sing loud and I’ll sing louder tonight we’re settin’ the woods on fire You’re my gal and I’m your feller dress up in your frock of yeller I’ll

Mind Your Own Business – Hank Williams, Sr

If the wife and I are fussin’, brother that’s our right ‘Cause me and that sweet woman’s got a license to fight Why don’t you mind

Honky Tonk Blues – Hank Williams, Sr

I told my paw I’m going steppin out and get the Honky tonk blues, Yeah the honky tonk blues Well lord I got ’em, I got

May You Never Be Alone – Hank Williams, Sr

Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. CAPO: 2nd FRET KEY: E PLAY: D Like a bird that’s lost its mate in flight I’m a- lone

Kaw-liga – Hank Williams, Sr

Written by Hank Williams and Fred Rose KEY: E CAPO: 2nd PLAY: D KAW – LIGA, was a wooden Indian standing by the door He fell in love

I Just Dont Like This Kind – Hank Williams, Sr

I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Livin’ I’m tired of doin’ all the givin’ I give my all and sit and yearn And

Cold Cold Heart – Hank Williams, Sr

Yet you’re afraid each thing I do is just some evil scheme A memory from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart Why can’t I free your doubtful

Wedding Bells – Hank Williams, Sr

You wanted me to see you change your name I couldn’t stand to see you wed another But dear I hope you’re happy just the same Wedding bells are

Lovesick Blues – Hank Williams, Sr

Since my baby said goodbye And I don’t know what I’ll do-oo-oo All I do is sit and sigh-igh, oh, Lawd That last long day she said goodbye Well

Move It On Over – Hank Williams, Sr

That woman of mine she wouldn’t let me in Move it on over (move it on over) Move it on over (move it on over) Move over little dog

Your Cheatin Heart – Hank Williams, Sr

Will make you weep, You’ll cry and cry, And try to sleep, But sleep won’t come, The whole night through, Your cheatin heart, will tell on you… When tears

I Wont Be Home No More – Hank Williams, Sr

Well, you’re just in time to be too late I tried to but I couldn’t wait And now I ‘ve got another date So I won’t be home no

You Win Again – Hank Williams, Sr

Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. 1st Verse: The news is out – all over town That you’ve been seen – a-runnin’

Crazy Heart – Hank Williams, Sr

Words and music by Maurice Murry and Fred Rose CAPO: 2nd FRET KEY: E PLAY: D You thought she’d care for you and so you acted

Why Dont You Love Me – Hank Williams, Sr

How come you treat me like a worn out shoe My hair’s still curly and my eyes are still blue Why Don’t You Love Me

Hey Good Lookin’ – Hank Williams, Sr

whatcha got cookin’ how’s about cookin’ something up with me Hey sweet baby don’t you think maybe we could find us a brand new recepie I got a hot