Performer HAUNTED

In Vein – Haunted

You and many are one alone. You seek thru the heavens and under the stone. The words that I speak-still left untold. For who’s there to listen when silence

Three Times – Haunted

Selfdefense or murder of first degree. Tell me who are you to pass judgement. Raise my hand in anger, a just cause, to pacify the aggressor at all cost.

Undead – Haunted

Cold skin clings to my face, more dead than alive. Spend your days without a trace, fed up with the lies. I’m one of the few undead, I’ve seen

Forensick – Haunted

At night I listen to the sound of the animals, sleep has become a rare commodity it seems. I understand now that there are no limits to what you

Hate Song – Haunted

Two and twenty for the hole in you. A meat cleaver comb to run you through. Lethal gas will make you cough. A car crash scene to finish it