Twilight Of The Gods – Helloween

We’ve thrown away our former gods Controlling our day We have created better ones So we control the way We are the ones with the power To hold down

When The Sinner (edit) – Helloween

Now it’s time – to shake it all up, to be free, Oh, it feels so bad, yes, it feels so bad, When everything good looks so bad, Whem

I Stole Your Love – Helloween

Alright I remember the day that we met I needed someone you needed someone too Spent time taking all you could get Even yourself was one thing you never

I Believe – Helloween

Give me two strong arms to fight my enemies Give me two strong eyes to see the truth Give me two strong legs I think I have to run

Savage – Helloween

You hear the people talking you walk the wrong street Painting all things black and step on your feet Flabby stomach, styled hair, trousers full of air Their morality

A Tale That Wasn’t Right – Helloween

Here I stand all alone Have my mind turned to stone Have my heart filled up with ice To avoid it’s breakin’ twice Thanx to you, my dear old

We Got The Right – Helloween

Don’t turn your head Back to the wall Don’t close your eyes And wait for your fall If you believe that you know in this time You’ve got anything

The Dark Ride – Helloween

(kis-kis) All board step right this way The dark ride is leaving soon Just sign your name on the dotted line All I want is just your soul Tighten

A Game We Shouldn’t Play – Helloween

Do you believe in fate or chances Design or coincidences Would you say that all the people Live their life for good and evil Some have reached the end

Escalation 666 – Helloween

Black you stripped me Reveal me the secrets of your pain – painful lies? Life itself that feeds your wisdom Almost everyday you put yourself high on a shelf

When The Sinner – Helloween

Now it’s time – to shake it all up to be free Now it’s time – to make us some room to let us be Oh, it feels so

Goin’ Home – Helloween

You think I could be the one to look inside your mind I don’t think we’ll have the time, so let us get in line Another town another bed,

Phantoms Of Death – Helloween

There are phantoms here on earth who take away our lives They kill your kids and they rape your wives They rip your flesh tear your heart take you

Exclusive Helloween Interview – Helloween

Kiske: Well, Japan. We’ve been there, I think, two times now, and it’s always been a great fun playing there. I like the venues. They are sounding very good,

We Damn The Night – Helloween

Blood in my pillow Blood in my skin Am I going mad Or was this a dream? There in the depth The hollow souls wait Voices surround me Tempting

Step Out Of Hell – Helloween

Time has come Start your search for tomorrow No escape From that long trail of sorrow You don’t know how it keeps goin’ on, oh no Wake up out

Mankind – Helloween

Here is all mankind so proud of their achievements There is a stone that is warmer than you Look how we stand in the stream of illusions No one

Where The Rain Grows – Helloween

I never looked higher Than I could see Never gave less Than I have given me The more you have taken You turned into fakes I finally know now

Rise And Fall – Helloween

Once a singer sang ’bout bullshit Everyone could see him fall And be sure it’s been his last hit He’s never been seen at all Some dictator felt progressive

Mr. Torture – Helloween

Welcome to the torture chamber Said the sign above the entrance Laughing as he taked you by the hand Looking like a maniac savage Inside you can sense the