Performer HOLE

Malibu – Hole

all the stars explode tonight how’d you get so desperate how’d you stay alive help me please burn the sorrow from your eyes oh come on be alive again

Use Once And Destroy – Hole

it’s the ache inside when it all burns out it’s poisonous it muscles it aches it’s everything you had when it breaks It’s the emptiness thats all you have

Good Sister/Bad Sister – Hole

Better burn that dress sister Scar tissue blood blister Suck upon the dregs sister whoa I try but I can’t and I want to so bad and Good sister

Playing Your Song – Hole

you’re drunk on apathy you burned right out hey you, you’re just a cripple now they sell for millions now they sold you out And oh I had to

Reasons To Be Beautiful – Hole

with the bedsheets in her cell threw myself on the fires for you 10 good reasons to stay alive 10 good reasons that I can’t find Oh, give me

Mrs. Jones – Hole

I should’ve looked at it go go away go away The sugar star the sugar star and hey your pushing it still hey You want her on the bed

Celebrity Skin – Hole

I’m all i wanna be a walking study in demonology Hey, so glad you could make it Yeah, now you really made it Hey, so glad you could make

Babydoll – Hole

And you suck it up right off the street Ha..babydoll Here you are sucking my energy and I Drill it in my good hole so that I can see

Awful – Hole

make it awful it’s your life, it’s your party, it’s so awful let’s start a fire let’s have a riot! yeah it’s awful it was punk yeah it was

Loaded – Hole

That’s the crown that you get for falling down Hey baby lemme look in your eyes I see you standing in a weird red light You pump and grind

Northern Star – Hole

Inhale the blinded eyes that see the chaos bring the pitiful to me even though I’m wide awake I will, & blackest night & I wait for you it’s

Asking For It – Hole

I feel a little bit cheaper than I need to I wiil tear the petals off of you Rose-red, I will make you tell the truth Was she asking

Boys On The Radio – Hole

they crash and burn they fold and fade so slow in your endless summer night I’ll be on the other side when you’re beautiful and dying all the world