He Don’t Love You – Human Nature

If I was your man I’d be here every day If I was your man I wouldn’t treat you that way He’s never home, he never calls How can

Life Just Gets Better – Human Nature

Time to start it all over In your eyes there’s things telling me You can’t take it much longer Don’t cry, leave it all up to me And I

Trash – Human Nature

Baby I’m your man I’m the back you lean on when you need a friend Now I see that I’m Blackened by a lie It’s just imagination I’ll tell

To Be With You – Human Nature

Show me what he’s done to you Stand up little girl A broken heart can’t be that bad When it’s through – it’s through Fate can twist the both

When You Say You Love Me – Human Nature

And the way you make your way round the bar You laugh like you’re really entertained And you smile like it’s your favourite game Now you move in closer

Raining In California – Human Nature

It was raining in California The day that I met you the angels were crying down Once in a lifetime the moment I prayed for I never thought would

It’s Gonna Be A Long Night – Human Nature

I know your feeling alone I want you to know I’ve been trying To show you what you’ve never known Baby, just open the door into your life Just

Meant To Be – Human Nature

I looked into your eyes And when I saw myself I started to cry You held me I’ll do anything you tell me chorus Cause you and I are

Whisper Your Name (The Only One) – Human Nature

I’ve been loving you so long I know you’re surprised I tried not to tell you But this love is way too strong Talk to me just tell me

Deja Vu – Human Nature

To believe in love wanna spread my wings and fly But every time you get up close to me I’m constantly reminded How much tears can cost How much

She – Human Nature

Send me the right way If I had another chance would I want to change my life today Cause lately I’ve been thinking Is it really worth the ride

Everytime – Human Nature

Can you believe our love Everything you do is somehow just so amazing You take me to the clouds above With you the only way is up Baby in

Walk The Tightrope – Human Nature

Let the rhythm get you high If you wanna live then you gotta give The best of what you got Foolish people better walk Don’t say nothin’ when they

When We Were Young – Human Nature

When we were young Remember when We started out as friends We were one and the same Don’t even think that I knew your name That was then So

Love Is Blind – Human Nature

I didn’t mean to wake you up I was leaving anyway We never asked each other why We only made each other cry When the day becomes the night

Love Is A Fire – Human Nature

Every time you call my name – yeah Every time you throw a smile at me Every time I feel the same That this is forever That I’m not

If I Only Had The Heart – Human Nature

Need someone there to hold me tight That’s the way it’s always been, yeah May be you that I been thinking of Doesn’t mean I want to be in

Baby Come Back To Me – Human Nature

To the place where we used to be Girl can’t you see I’m the one Who’ll be there with you through it all Whenever you call Baby tell me

Don’t Come Back – Human Nature

If you’re only gonna break me down Don’t be like that ‘Cause I’ve given you my heart Don’t play it After all is said and done I believed I

Haunted – Human Nature

I see your face In each window pane In a house without your light Anymore Just don’t feel the same If my mind could speak What my heart would