Fractured Millennium – Hypocrisy

I came from second Universe. I’ve travelled far. I’m a god, I’m not pleased. Is this the way you’re supposed to be? You’re free from the game. Doesn’t anyone

The North Wind – Hypocrisy

It will take you away Murdered the same (or, that’s what they say, or put you to sea) Tear apart what’s left of your body (Tear you apart, sweep

Apocalypse – Hypocrisy

and god was not a part of it. – or – the skies were black I am so sick of hearing you preach about heaven all this bull shit

Inquire Within – Hypocrisy

My body is beginning to disapear. (My mind is playing tricks on me?) I am being turned inside-outiside (Oh God am I losing it?) / (I think I’m losing

The Fourth Dimension – Hypocrisy

A dream to hell – or – I’m free taken to hell – or – A free token to hell To explore the unknown For a vision of you

Fuck U – Hypocrisy

What you think of me? Who the fuck do you think you are? To judge me for the things I have done. What the hell have you done, except

Inseminated Adoption – Hypocrisy

I’m running through my head. Is it just another suicidal dream? I lost control. They begin the work. Realities are a major terror. Into suffer, my life would follow.

When The Candle Fades – Hypocrisy

We are all a bunch of ugly ghosts (?) Dreams are reality just the same Just another crucifixion one more cross nailed to the ground The beginning of the

God Is A Lie – Hypocrisy

You’re nothing but a piece of shit, and if I get my hands on you, you will slowly die! Oh the church of God preaching all the shit I’m

Request Denied – Hypocrisy

The government? s coverup frights your life (far to long?) Keep your mouth shut, of what you have seen or your body parts will spread around for tring to

Selfinflicted Overload – Hypocrisy

for the termination of life As humans fill the earth, they’ll destroy it and divide ??? dripping from my head Their terror never ends and when I see my

Mind Corruption – Hypocrisy

to drag you off the streets. They’ll give you food and shelter, to leave you to bleed. They’ll take all your money, destroy all your clothes. They’ll kill you

Disconnected Magnetic Corridors – Hypocrisy

It’s like running around the evasive ground. It can’t be done. For the first time I tried to really try. It’s not easy for a blind man, to see

Apocalyptic Hybrid – Hypocrisy

Did you want to see that nothing can’t be done. Killing From here. Will we fucking die? The end is near!!! Stay for the Everything is Death is here!

Time Warp – Hypocrisy

Looking for euphoric end. Searching for the perfect end. Running for you useless. They’ll try to break your empty mind. Leaving all your crew behind. Coming to reality. You’re

Through The Window Of Time – Hypocrisy

?????? ??????? slowly exterminate. We must fight for the right Or there will be nothing left In end the end we will conquer What was once our world. We

Fusion Programmed Minds – Hypocrisy

Shredding the part of the knife. Chopping my veins wide open. Wait for the I am ripping it, from my head. Living my life like the end is here.

Last Vanguard – Hypocrisy

Even when I drink, nowhere to hide! Death there. Death there. Everything’s dying now, and supposed to go in flames. (chorus) What will bring you the vengeance? What will

Adjusting The Sun – Hypocrisy

????????? It will make you blind. There is no end. And to the stars. And Planets. Solar Systems (a far?). Is their anyone up there. To answer our prayers?

Killing Art – Hypocrisy

Pull the trigger, now you’re dead Slave race abandoned Another crucifixion??? from beginning Like a motherfuckin’ massacre Take your ball sack and pull it Like a bone tap crushing