Performer ICE CUBE

I Wanna Kill Sam – Ice Cube

“the army is the only way out for young, black Teenagers. We’ll provide you with housing, we’ll provide you With education, We’ll provide you with everything you need to

It’s A Man’s World – Ice Cube

Women they’re good for nothing no maybe one thing To serve needs to my ding-a-ling I’m a man who loves the one-night stand Cause after i do ya Huh

Greed – Ice Cube

I ain’t fuckin with it This cake has got to be all icing baby Now i know i’m taking the biggest piece But god damn i’m the biggest fish

Mental Warfare – Ice Cube

I love the sound of gangsta shit in the mornin’ Bitch you know the size World motherfucking wide You ain’t got to be in the

Ghetto Vet – Ice Cube

Niggas used to come and get me When it was time to disagree with an enemy Pass the hennessy it gives me energy Packed the gat in the small

Pushin’ Weight – Ice Cube

Yeah, yeah Blaze one for the nation Brrrrr Brrrrr Brrrrr Verse 1: ice cube I got lyrics that wake up spirits They told me how to make big hits

The Predator – Ice Cube

Night stalker, shit talker, run and tell them mr l. m. Nigga with the gat and i’m back Off the everyday prey that i slay Rolling with the fo’

Us – Ice Cube

Could you tell me who released our animal instinct? Got the white man sittin’ there tickled pink. Laughin’ at us on the avenue Bustin’ caps at each other after

Supreme Hustle – Ice Cube

{:46} Don dadaa, uhh, uhh, yeah You can’t see me, but you can feel me You can feel me, you can feel me It’s the world, famous,

War & Peace – Ice Cube

“he has indicated to us that he has sufficient.. firepower.. To.. blow up the bradley vehicle.. And in fact his words were, ‘we are ready for war.. let’s get

Look Who’s Burning – Ice Cube

– man i came up to get some rubbers man, what you’re doing up here? I came up here to get a physical, you know for my job, You

You Ain’t Gotta Lie Ta Kick It – Ice Cube

You ain’t gotta lie ta kick it (verse one) {:02} I know ya like to see me doin’ bad But i’m doin’ good, fuck the police that’s

Lil Ass Gee – Ice Cube

Insane-in-the-brain little nigga servin caine Use to have to axe could he cross the street Now he’s rollin in a gee, the gee is on e He’s quick to

Once Upon A Time In The Projects – Ice Cube

I damn near had to wreck a ho I knocked on the door – “who is it?” It’s ice cube, come to pay a little visit to ya And

Steady Mobbin – Ice Cube

police, eat a dick straight up Look here you little god damn nigger, your not gafflin nobody You fuckin understand me (kick his ass) That’s right, get down

Tales From The Darkside – Ice Cube

Peace. haha don’t make me laugh! All i hear is muthafucker’s talkin’ sucotash Livin’ large, tellin’ me to get out the gang I’m a nigga, gotta live by the

Once Upon A Time In The Projects 2 – Ice Cube

I damn near had to wreck a hoe Yellin through the screen do’ (hey, let me in!) (big daddy got a fifth of gin, and down to sin) Baby

My Summer Vacation – Ice Cube

This is the final boarding call for flight 1259 Departing from los angeles, final destination to st. louis Thank you Damn g, the spot’s gettin hot So

Color Blind – Ice Cube

Here’s another day at the stoplight I’m lookin in my mirror so i can see who can see me South central is puttin ice cube to the test With

The Peckin’ Order – Ice Cube

Underworld order must be maintained. Without a strict and unforgiving Chain of command, chaos is inevedeble” Wazup youngsta, sience your tha new booty And dont know nuttin