Performer ICED EARTH

Brainwashed – Iced Earth

And so we begin with another sun The earth’s enslaved with hypocrites They lay their heads to rest at night Say a little prayer and all is right Christ

Last December – Iced Earth

The howling winds blow On this moonlit night Eyes locked in fear With a dark embrace The bitter cold winds Freeze the tears that fall Hands held in grace

Burnt Offerings – Iced Earth

In one last breath You’ll feel this damned old soul You’ll see the things I see For all these years Of pain and sacrifice You’ll know the pain I

Consequences – Iced Earth

As human beings, we’re a complex thing Sometimes so beautiful, other times so vain We’ve built an empire, the blood is on our hands Genocide and the chains that

Travel In Stygian – Iced Earth

Through the flames I watch As you plead on your knees The reaper awaits The ride that you take Through the lake, lake of flames Will decide your fate

Burning Times – Iced Earth

Yesterday is gone forever No turning back the clock In the end, all is sinful No need to bear the pain The end, is coming soon You can’t hold

Burning Oasis – Iced Earth

Raging fire surrounds me The embers seems to glow Woman, man & serpent Temptation fills her soul Initiate the beginning Of the end of paradise Feel the flames engulf

Watching Over Me – Iced Earth

I had a friend many years ago One tragic night he died The saddest time of my life For weeks and weeks I cried Through the anger and through

Blessed Are You – Iced Earth

Pure ambition burns in me It’s a beast, never to be tamed And the only peace I can find Is when I’m here with you You are the ones

Angels Holocaust – Iced Earth

As I walk through the blackened forest Thoughts of hate and anger fill my soul The charred remains of the holy rollers Scream repentance though it’s far too late

Diary – Iced Earth

Mine is pure darkness It is as blackness is Damn the light which comes from You as a moth to flame I burn In the twilight of morning I

A Question Of Heaven – Iced Earth

The time is close now, the end is near My walk through the valley, trails of fear I feel empty, my penance overdue, I guess it’s too late now

Disciples Of The Lie – Iced Earth

You abuse and you victimize But you’re dignified, so you justify It’s in your eyes where deception lies So you criticize with cruel eyes Father in black, black as

Reaping Stone – Iced Earth

There is a place far from her home She strayed her path too long In that wood, she found the stone Lost souls should never look upon At first

Stand Alone – Iced Earth

Listen not to ones who preach Those who feel you’re a freak Everything about you is wrong You must be sick, you don’t belong Father said, worry not what

The Coming Curse – Iced Earth

I walk the Earth just as they planned Baptized in fire for my ancient land The coming curse, your anti-Christ, I am the Watcher’s eye I vindicate and cleanse

Prophecy – Iced Earth

I can see clearly now, a painful vision indeed An attack on hallowed ground, from high above Alien to us, the species known as man A serious threat, in

The Last Laugh – Iced Earth

My personal quest is to make your life hell Yes dear friend listen up well The power I’ve given I can take as well Prechorus I am your father

Stormrider – Iced Earth

As I travel through the astral plains I see the break ahead As though the sky has burst in flames Before the storm I dread Lightning breaks across the

Mystical End – Iced Earth

On the plains of the desert A murmured cry was heard From the echoes of a wind song Singing of a word The word of the land begotten Is