Performer IMPALED

Immaculate Defecation – Impaled

The colon explodes with diarrheal sepsis, Anal leakage ecstactically shed, A stenching mass of post bolal rot, corn laced reeking ano-gastric snot, Your skivvies besmirched with fetid mung, Liquid

Back To The Grave – Impaled

Exhumed, debauched and consumed My torpid flesh has been sullied by your spunk And I have played privy to your necrotic whimsy You so enjoyed inhaling my decrepit funk

FжCal Rites – Impaled

Mastication starts the process, Transforms the food into bolus, Deglutition of the ruffage, Esophagal stage, Careening straight down my gullet, Into my gut it will plummet, Churning acids digest

All That Rots – Impaled

(Solo: “Funerary feast on the recently deceased” by S. C. McGrath) (Solo: “Manic Rottrephagia” L. d. Muerte) (Solo: “Exfodiation of pus filled stiffs for total gormandization” by S. C.

Trocar – Impaled

Impacted tissue is riddled with clots Morbidly studying your gross anatomy Perinium is sullied with moldering pus A mass of gelatinized forensick liquidity Locating my trocar, the tool of

FжCes Of Death – Impaled

Desiccated flesh I peruse, Your vacuous form is devoid of all life, Poetry in motions, As yet another stiff goes under the knife, Soaked in the fluids of the

Flesh And Blood – Impaled

(Solo: “De-incarnated Mass of Fungal Strains ” by S. C. McGrath) Pulling the morbid stiffs, From the damp, sepulchral tomb, Harvesting the rotten, My vocation, to exhume, Methanous tissues

Spirits Of The Dead – Impaled

Your ribcage is avulsed, Mangled, chopped, and hewn, Organ meats have been sundered, And about your coffin strewn, Latent germs deliquesce your guts, Fermenting your simmering brine, Upon this