Eye Of The Hurricane – Impellitteri

Black clouds are rushing in The storm is ready to strike The lightening flashes through the wasteland Caught between the earth and sky Hear the thunder roar Got to

Ball And Chain – Impellitteri

It’s a crazy world, when your heart and mind collide A prisoners’ action, she’s trying to run away Doesn’t know what she’ll find, but she’s got to get away

Wake Up Sally – Impellitteri

I’ve got a brand new band, I’m gonna kick the blues, now baby, just hold on to my hand Get up now, I’ve got some work to do, I

I’ll Wait – Impellitteri

but they don’t know all the pain I feel so I ask you now, won’t you be my guide and maybe hold me to the end of time and

The Young And The Ruthless – Impellitteri

No it doesn’t really matter at all It doesn’t really matter to the kid any more No it doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t Little Stevie’s got a Forty-seven Got one thing

On And On – Impellitteri

On and on, my love will remain Don’t you know it’s never too late To turn the hand of fate There you were, burned by love Left a bitter

Under The Gun – Impellitteri

An angel standing in the sun over me I see you walking on a sea of glass, Holding up your love at last In falling rain, you’re so far

Endless Nights – Impellitteri

I’ve got my cashbox baby, Gonna meet my friends down at the strip, gonna get me some lip Jump in my limo, gonna make the scene, gonna cruise the

Countdown To The Revolution – Impellitteri

I know my sins are forgiven, and now I’m ready to die When I survey all the madness, on the face of the earth There’s got to be retribution,

Tears In The Eyes Of The World – Impellitteri

Can you feel suffering? In the eyes of young America, the tears begin to fall The streets are filled with predators and broken hearts Shot down and left for

Kingdom Of Light – Impellitteri

No more sorrow, no more blame, in the kingdom of light No more fear, no more lies, no temptation, open eyes Finally found my piece of mind on the

City’s On Fire – Impellitteri

Sleeping on the concrete and he’s thinking out loud When’s the man gonna bring the candy cane Selling dreams in the city lights A stranger’s kiss is the dead

Master Of Disguise – Impellitteri

than any of the wild animals that the Lord God had made. There she was Eve, in paradise, and willing to give me a listen. So I said, “Did

Visual Prison – Impellitteri

Trapped here inside my visual prison Deadly stare into the monitor screen Mesmerized by the latest scenes Switching channels from the ends of the earth Comatose by the thoughts

Bleed In Silence – Impellitteri

Hunting you down soon or later You’ve opened your mind at a critical time And it cuts through your heart like a razor Letting you bleed on the sidewalk

Fly Away – Impellitteri

you can hear the city rage another one kills and another one dies and another one shares the pain see the murder and the rape and a cop on

Walk Away – Impellitteri

Screaming in silence, it’s tearing you apart Burning with vengeance, need an answer for your soul Consider the damage, got nothing you can show And as you travel on

Hold The Line – Impellitteri

wrapped around your heart so you will never be alone can’t you see I want to give you all you need don’t you know by now there’s no future

Victim Of The System – Impellitteri

Sleeping on the side walk you can hear the sirens wail Dining with the rats down on 42nd street Begging for some money, hungry for something to eat Wasted

When The Well Runs Dry – Impellitteri

Can’t keep a hold of it any way Sick and tired of being pushed around You don’t know me, like you think you do No you can’t show me