Performer IMPIOUS

Don’t Kiss My Grave – Impious

( Solo: Š•kesson ) Lightning strikes! It’s time… All sins are gone everything is so clear Winds of fire made my path Take my soul to the unknown half

Extreme Pestilence – Impious

You can’t escape! Trapped in this world where no one goes Alone forever and no one knows You’re the grace of haze not insane This sacred faith is to

Facing The Nails – Impious

Crosses rising on top of Golgotha Lonely, helpless, gathering what’s left… of nothing Nothing shall stop this death of Christ Betrayed, the pain grows deep inside Flowing blood caused

Dying I Live – Impious

Open me and see, how purity becomes suffering and angels turn to demons Untouched is my soul as water turns to blood Cut my heart wide open, tear it

Haven (A Leap In The Dark) – Impious

By the ruins on the hill, all painful days I kill Oh those thoughts within my head My mind welcomes the dead Rain – stings my cold face by

Born To Suffer – Impious

Welcome to my lair Thou wilt be my guest Falling down the stairs Your beauty I detest Forever you will stay the cellar is your hall It’s no use

The Failed Paradise – Impious

Cold blooded murder this is The burning will was not our choice Scared eyes are staring at the sickness Raped bodies will never be buried Our children were slaughtered

Painted Soul – Impious

Worshipping the weak misbegotten lord I was doomed to live and die as a coward Doomed to live by false tales I couldn’t stand the suffocating pain I shut

Anthem For The Afflicted – Impious

Hear my anthem for the afflicted Listen to your faith To your fall I am addicted, caressing you with hate You’re the shame of God’s creation, the blackness of