Performer IN FLAMES

The Quiet Place – In Flames

I know you’re out to try me I’m not in this to be a slave Push the dirt Make me feel Locate what swallows life Night bird you build

Everything Counts – In Flames

The handshake Seals a contract From the contract There’s no turning back The turning point Of a career In Korea being insincere The holiday Was fun packed The contract:

Bullet Ride – In Flames

Do you hear steps at the door? Do you reckon the smell of….? It’s life-the the dark that binds you Frigthened by your own smell Bitternes will run you

Food For The Gods – In Flames

Shame marries the guilt introduces itself to the concept of total loneliness Sensations repressed make friends with Suicidia and here the leeches begin to suck away the lust for

F(r)iend – In Flames

They turned me into an outsider I never heard from them again So ironic when you called for a favor today It’s always easy to judge But takes a

Crawl Through Knives – In Flames

I need the fear. Push me out Ohh be brave Show me signs Should I feel shame for the questions that I have with you? If you could be

Transparent – In Flames

Persuade the most hideous and ugly Under every pile and stone. A rebirth, for you to find Freedom is to be able to go in any direction So take

Pinball Map – In Flames

Conflict serum is my aura It seems that life’s so fragile I guess I’ll fly some other time I lack from superhighway thoughts Won’t live as long as the

Dark Signs – In Flames

Cut down to half a member Left with his hand tied Everything points in the wrong direction All the joy disappeared The negative has penetrated Once he was in

Worlds Within The Margin – In Flames

Raindrop hits the leaf changing it’s position slightly on the street next to polls of monotonous waters He walks Slipping feet from steps at random He falls In the

…As The Future Repeats Today – In Flames

Just deserted space all left in grey Why did we lose, the knowledge of time? Is this the price, the hell we pay? The poisoned fear known to man

Evil In A Closet – In Flames

You, finished my sentence I can never attract, tomorrow It pushes me aside I sink, in waters deep Your presence kept me floating Far from depths where secrets lie

Trigger (Single Edit) – In Flames

What’s the latest on the screen? Can’t be too late to turn around I need all the help from you I need to find something to blame for a

The Jester Race – In Flames

the answers so silent Rysty gods in their machine-mind armours grind our souls in the millstone of time the “deathbed harvest” is a dead man? s banquet of mould

Come Clarity – In Flames

Getting older every day By two Drawing pictures of innocent times Could you add colour inside these lines? I want you to lead me Take me somewhere Just don’t

Morphing Into Primal – In Flames

Detonation Fireworks and alchemy Genes spliced and triggered into the future and her organic cave Seismorgasmic omnipotence scenes of magma in my eyes Eruption stones my system I owe

Black & White – In Flames

I am proud to be this far from you You say that you have no regrets But I know that you do You told me someone stole the eye

Bottled – In Flames

Just pass me by Don’t ask me the same questions Just deny I’m there Like the time around me This room is filled with nothing Fell awkward in a

System – In Flames

I stumble and I fall Our adaptation can’t be faithful Your world does not attract me This is the end you see There is no more truth in me

Versus Terminus – In Flames

We’ll know what’s right, what’s wrong But does it matter then When all is said an done When all is dead and gone We’ll know who lost, who won