Performer INCUBUS

Nice To Know You – Incubus

Better than witnessing new born nebulas in bloom. She who sees from ‘up high’ smiles and surely sings. Perspective pries her once weighty eyes and it Gives you wings.

Dig – Incubus

But some of ours are easy to identify. Look me in the eye, and ask for forgiveness. We’ll make a pact to never speak that word again. Yes, you

A Kiss To Send Us Off – Incubus

On November 11th, come alone Bring your mouth And selective irreverence We’ll both see stars, just ONE! MORE! Tongue! Kiss before the sky falls Out From This cloud we’re

You Will Be A Hot Dancer – Incubus

I see ahead afraid to be himself, I bet he’d to have a little encouragement from the opposite, come that side of the floor…Yes! Egg him along, make him

Privilege – Incubus

Isn’t it weird that a privilege could feel like a chore Maybe its me, but this line isn’t going anywhere Maybe if we looked hard enough we could find

11am – Incubus

The garbage truck beeps as it backs up And I start my day thinking about what I’ve thrown away. Could I push rewind? The credits traverse, signifying the end

Blood on the Ground – Incubus

I’m afraid of what I might say I bite my tongue every time you come around ‘Cause blood in my mouth beats Blood on the ground Hand over my

Just a Phase – Incubus

You are a fingernail, running down the chalkboard I thought I left in third grade Now my only, consolation, is that this could not last forever Even though you’re

On The Burial Ground – Incubus

Die by violence in this world Is nothing strange for us With all those chemicals, wars and destructions We do not know mother nature has in store for us

Beyond The Unknown – Incubus

Perfect night The moon shines bright But covered with blood Because this is an evil night Calls for a sign Is what the invokers are meditating The souls from

Curse Of The Damned Cities – Incubus

Condemned cities From evil populations Violence, fatal crimes Chaos will lead us to destruction The streets lost it’s freedom to be crossed Imprisionment at any time When darkness takes

Pendulous Threads – Incubus

It’s gone askew (Thread on my sweater is pendulous, step back and pull it Watch it unravel faster than a speeding bullet) Or pull and see how much we

Rogues – Incubus

an eye on the past & the present in my pocket just in case I need a door… into a brave new world where all solutions end up with

Take Me To Your Leader – Incubus

unexpectedly and suddenly, picked out things to flip around and view a lot differently? What if blue sky, all of a sudden turned a purple hue? We would shit

Shaft – Incubus

I am I. Who are you? You are me! Why can’t I get it straight? No! Why can’t I see it straight? Shaft! We can’t let you, we can’t

Drive – Incubus

And I cant help but ask myself how much I’ll let the fear take the wheel and steer It’s driven me before, it seems to have a vague Haunting

Mortify – Incubus

Alone in their destination Wandering thru this violent life A part of all misconseption from their past And now thrown out to the street to rot Painful screams never

Mexico – Incubus

So why couldn’t you have Met me halfway You could see me bleeding But you could not put Pressure on the wound You only think about yourself You only

Redefine – Incubus

as the pen where the ink resides Fuse the two; KAPOW! What are you know? You’re the humane magic marker, wont you please surprise my eyes?! It’s in your

Hilikus – Incubus

thought I was left for dead. Soliloquy, she was my… A picture, a wake, my metaphoric friend. So then I fell in love with an irony named life, it