Punk It Up – Infectious Grooves

Infectious Grooves is on the house Diba daba doba daba hey hey hey Straight from another world another time another thought We’ve come to save that beat to free

I’m Gonna Be My King – Infectious Grooves

I didn’t see it-no I didn’t hear it I was just trying to Remember all the things I’ll never know Well I was walking along-and I’m trying to stay

Boom Boom Boom – Infectious Grooves

What up ya? Give it to me go Can’t make me. Can’t break me. And now you know you’re the one Can’t fake it. Can’t take it. And now

Do What I Tell Ya! – Infectious Grooves

You’ll do what I tell ya! And I watch you sweat. Then I’ll watch you shake And then you beg. And then you scream “I’ll do what you tell

Monster Skank – Infectious Grooves

Chorus: I want it I need it I’m headed out for something to break I got it I’m feeling it I’m headed out on a monster skank My feet

Stop Funk’n With My Head – Infectious Grooves

Hey hey hey somebody’s always funk’n with your head No matter where you go you know you just can’t stop people from funk’n with your head I was hanging

Violent & Funky – Infectious Grooves

You want funky? We got funky! Who’s got funky? We got funky! You said funky Violent & funky! Violent & funky (4x) Sticks and stones may break some bones

You Lie…And Yo Breath Stank – Infectious Grooves

You lie and yo breath stank you lie and yo breath stank Save your time don’t give me that speech And use that time to go brush your teeth

Turtle Wax (Funkaholics Anonymous) + – Infectious Grooves

My my my, your truth is a lie And you help cover it up and you don’t even ask why So it goes Funky wunky, the funky junky Funky

Therapy – Infectious Grooves

Therapy therapy Lost sight-I think I’m getting out of my range Colors flash-now things are starting to get strange Start it up-and you say you wanna get in on

Groove Family Cyco – Infectious Grooves

Groove family! (8x) CYCO! No pain – No gain – No luck – No sympathy No hope – No dreams – No peace – Insanity No thrill – No

Infectious Grooves – Infectious Grooves

Insane-the mother funksters tear it up The beat-that makes you wanna stomp it up Rhythm-you just can’t get enough of the Infectious Grooves Hardcore-and then they switch it to

Rules Go Out The Window – Infectious Grooves

Chorus: If you want what’s under the sun – you better get your fingers ’round a gun You can rule what’s under the sun – if you get your

Die Lika Pig – Infectious Grooves

Every puto has a day and yours is coming! Ain’t no feelin’ sorry ’bout the things I’m gonna do to you! I get prepare, then I roll off to