The Razor Twist – Infernal Torment

deeply into my eyes You’ll see the will to live fades and slowly dies out There is no harmony within myself This world is overcrowded yet no one has

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son – Infernal Torment

Here they stand brothers them all All the sons divided they’d fall Here await the birth of the son The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one Here the birth

Product Of Society – Infernal Torment

Mankind so full of rage You’ll see it in their faces, in their smiles, in their eyes, in their minds The surface seems so real Inside the coldest steel

Race – Infernal Torment

Too late to stop my hate My hate will terminate Terminate the human race Kill the race Smile on my face Kill the race Smile on my face Don’t

Fuck The Whales – Infernal Torment

but in my opinion you can fuck the whales and save yourselves I see no delight in natural sceneries Hate the colour green, hate the animals, the primitives Love

Eliminate – Infernal Torment

fraternity, love and harmony Die in a fight for world liberty Your attitude becomes your destiny Come, kiss my boots for the human race Come, kiss my boots and

Birthrate Zero – Infernal Torment

Pregnant woman torn to pieces Infants ripped out of their mothers’ wombs Total abortion – It all ends here With a baseball bat I start to pound As you

The End Of Civilization – Infernal Torment

because of the ravings of this sick world Now all I feel is total hatred You faint but you still vomit blood A sound like a sheet that has

Murder The World – Infernal Torment

I wanna waste it Raping the earth I wanna taste it Murder the world Factories adorn the scenery Smoke pollutes the sky Hippies are gathered in long lines waiting

Inhaled – Infernal Torment

Another cigarette is on its way Lots of smoke fills this place Smoking cigarettes in different ways Smoke another cigarette label Smoke ten at a time if you’re able