Performer INTERPOL

A Time To Be So Small – Interpol

We saw you from the urchin’side, From under the boat We saw you making knots We saw you get the rope The boy appearing on the deck And making

Public Pervert – Interpol

The flying, the metal, the turning above – these are just ways to be seen We all get paid Some get faith before they die Then through the stars

Say Hello to the Angels – Interpol

the parts that the birds love I know there’s such a place I had my back turned, you didn’t realize I’m lonely You lack the things o which I

NYC – Interpol

I’m sick of spending these lonely nights training myself not to care the subway is a porno pavements they are a mess i know you’ve supported me for a

Next Exit – Interpol

We’re going to the city Gonna track this shit around And make this place a heart To be a part of We ain’t going to the town We’re going

Not Even Jail – Interpol

I’ll lay down in houses If things come alive I’ll subtract pain by ounces Yeah, I will start painting houses If things come alive I promise to commit no

Precipitate – Interpol

Good bad, so you cannot find the dimensions and it will be around these spots that I’ve given to you you will know that you’ll greet my vapours every

The New – Interpol

I hope it’s not beyond me settling down it takes time one day we’ll live together and life will be better I have it here yeah in my mind

PDA – Interpol

that is all that I can do you are a past dinner the last winner I’m raking all around me until the last drop is behind you you’re so

Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down – Interpol

she knows there’s people watching the building fronts are just fronts to hide the people watching her she once fell through the street down the manhole in a that

Take You On A Cruise – Interpol

I make money like Fred Astair I see that you’ve come to resist me, I’m a pitbull in time Your pretense is not what restricts me It’s the circles

Evil – Interpol

Heaven restores you in life You’re Coming with me Through the aging, the fear and the strife It’s the smiling on the package It’s the faces in the sand

C’mere – Interpol

The trouble is that you’re in love with someone else It should be me. Oh, it should be me Sacred parts, your get aways You come along on summer

Leif Erikson – Interpol

Her rabid glow is like braille to the night. She swears I’m a slave to the details But if your life is such a big joke, why should I

Song Seven – Interpol

you fell too fast you come at the right time you come too fast you bloom in spring you move the sky you’ve come in singing you call me

Slow Hands – Interpol

Yeah but nobody searches Nobody cares somehow When the loving that you’ve wasted Comes raining from a hapless cloud And I might stop and look upon your face Disappear

Roland – Interpol

c’mon, c’mon my best friend’s a butcher, he has sixteen knives he carries them all over the town at least he tries oh look it stopped snowing my best

Obstacle 2 – Interpol

gonna play with the braids that you came here with tonight I’m gonna hold your face and toast the snow that fell because friends don’t waste wine when there’s

Obstacle 1 – Interpol

We can cap the old times, make playing only logical harm We can cap the old lines, make playing that nothing else will change But she can read, she

NARC – Interpol

Remember that last sweat cause that was the right one Oh, all your mysteries are moving in the sun I show some love and respect Wanna get some love