Performer INXS

Who Pays The Price – INXS

When the people are shoving Pushing you into the ground And you cry in the daylight With the sun in your eyes Even though you kow you’re not alone

Hungry – INXS

The world is a hungry place And it’s never satisfied Leaving home, on your own, Your momma she was right Home was a crowded space, But it sometimes gratified

Like It or Not – INXS

Sex is sex and Love is love Mix em both up Baby that’s the stuff I can’t believe I’m seeing The world come tumbling, crumbling down Yeh less love

Viking Juice: The End Of Rock & Roll – INXS

Where would we be I haven’t said i have all the answers How could anyone Can’t stop looking at the lights All around my head I’m missing the darker

Make Your Peace – INXS

Just for you and me In the darkest hours Choices made to be I choose to pull my punches Don’t you test my conscience You’ll see You’ll see Cut

Shining Star – INXS

Yeah you got a plan Gotta plan ahead I got a plan that’ll make you a star Make you get rich Make you go far Take a life and

Don’t Lose Your Head – INXS

You shot your mouth off like a kid Who’s scared to have a heart You’re losing grip of what really matters ‘Cause you don’t know where to start You

Deliver Me – INXS

Is a mystery All i want to know is why Your eyes Taking over The apple in my eye I’m in A crowded room Can’t hear a single word

I’m Just A Man – INXS

I’m just a man My will is so strong When I’ve got plans I close my eyes to the pain My mother ran My father left town But we

Know The Difference – INXS

In your big car Windows down Sweet perfume trails behind The impression is in my mind It’s crazy how much I ache for the moments we could make Your

Mediate – INXS

Dessegregate Mediate Alleviate Try not to hate Love your mate Don’t suffocate on your own hate Designate your love as fate A one world state As human freight The

Communication – INXS

Drifting to your satellite Your dish responds Communication disinformation So entertaining Blood money blood money It’s wild in here There’s a girl on the floor She’s gonna blow this

Guns In The Sky – INXS

It crashes in All around It gets in Now take your hands And raise them up Into the air That’s all around ya Now bring ’em down Like a

Hot Girls – INXS

Looking out my window At some girl as I’m writing this and I watch her eat a peach The way she’s biting it biting it And I probably shouldn’t

The Stairs – INXS

The echoes of a life the fragments and the accidents Separated by incidents Listened to by the walls We share the same spaces Repeated in the corridors Performing the

She Is Rising – INXS

And all that junk just keeps coming Must be the time to rearrange it all Another place another time has called She is rising above this world She is

Perfect Strangers – INXS

Don’t tell me your name Just use that pretty mouth To kiss me if you want this But I want you inside out Start here at the end And

Burn for You – INXS

It’s no use pretending That I understand The hide and seek we play with facts It changes our demand Tilt my hat at the sun And the shadows they

Never Let You Go – INXS

Everything’s good when it’s sunshine You should see me in the rain Everyone knows what it feels like To have to start over again But I can’t start over

Show Me (Cherry Baby) – INXS

Show me how Show me, show me Show me how Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry