Performer IRON FIRE

Glory To The King – Iron Fire

This Tale is from the Magic Kingdom Told by Generations About the King’s Crusade Against the Mighty Dragons Many Years of Endless Suffering Still no Sign of the King

Riding Free – Iron Fire

Flying free as the wind Like an eagle in the sky No rules will ever hold me down My soul will never fall Destiny wont you hear my call

Until The End – Iron Fire

Riding through the ashes Of many broken swords Lord of thunder Take them higher The resurrection of the evil majesty Flying on winds of fire Through the holy land

Warriors Of Steel – Iron Fire

Riding through places where eagles fly Through the valleys seeking for our destiny The path of glory lies across the northern sky Into the kingdom of the evil majesty

When Heroes Fall – Iron Fire

When the men fall to the ground Their rebel parts begin to pound The brothers of the ancient clan Servants of sacred land At dusk they will raise their

Behind The Mirror – Iron Fire

Lyrics by Gunnar Olsen) Look at them fight With magic at night The wizards from the past Look at them burn Look at them die With fire in their

Angel Of Light – Iron Fire

I am lying here with tears in my eyes I guess it’s time to say goodbye Do you remember all the love that we had But now it’s lost