Murders In The Rue Morgue – Iron Maiden

I was strolling through the streets of Paris and it was cold it was starting to rain. And then I heard a piercing scream and I rushed to the

Stranger In A Strange Land – Iron Maiden

Was many years ago that I left home and came this way I was a young man, full of hopes and dreams But now it seems that all is

Powerslave – Iron Maiden

Into the Abyss I’ll fall, the eye of Horus Into the eyes of the night, watching me go Green is the cat’s eye that glows in this temple Enter

Man On The Edge – Iron Maiden

The freeway is jammed and it’s backed up for miles The car is an oven and baking is wild Nothing is ever the way it should be What we

Gates Of Tomorrow – Iron Maiden

Ships in the night when they pass out of sight. Deliver their cargo of eartly delights To the women and the children the souls of the dead. I’ve opened

To Tame A Land – Iron Maiden

In the Kingdom of the sands Of a time tomorrow. He rules the sandworms and the Fremen In a land amongst the stars Of an age tomorrow. He is

The Trooper – Iron Maiden

You’ll fire your musket but I’ll run you through So when you’re waiting for the next attack You’d better stand there’s no turning back. The bugle sounds and the

Wildest Dreams – Iron Maiden

I’m Gonna Exorcise The Demons Of My Past I’m Gonna Take The Car And Hit The Open Road I’m Feeling Ready To Just Open Up And Go! And I

Invaders – Iron Maiden

Many Nordic fighting men their swords and shields all gleam in the sun Call to arms defend yourselves get ready to stand and fight for your lives Judgement day

Tailgunner – Iron Maiden

Trace your way back 50 years, to the glow of Dresden – blood and tears In the black above by the cruel searchlight, men will die men will fight

The Fallen Angel – Iron Maiden

Azazel is beside you and he’s playing the game Demons are inside you and they’re making their play Watching and they’re hiding as they wait for the time For

The Pilgrim – Iron Maiden

The ailing kingdom doomed to fail The bonds of sin and heart will break The pilgrims course will take Quelling the devils might And ready for eternal fight Aching

Different World – Iron Maiden

Keep showing me the way I feel a little lost A little strange today I think I’ll take a hold Of whatever comes my way Then we’ll see what

Hallowed Be Thy Name – Iron Maiden

Reflecting on my past life and it doesn’t have much time Cos at 5 o’clock they take me to the Gallows Pole The sands of time for me are

Dance Of Death – Iron Maiden

One night wandering in the everglades. I had one drink but no more. I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight. Gazing up at the stars. not aware of a

The Educated Fool – Iron Maiden

I’m an educated fool, so I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to do About this awkward situation that’s been thrust right down upon me As I’m walking

Prodigal Son – Iron Maiden

I’ve got these feelings, and they won’t go away. I’ve got these fears inside that’ll bring me to my knees. Oh help me Lamia or I’m sure I’ll die,

Flash Of The Blade – Iron Maiden

As a young boy chasing dragons with your wooden sword so mighty You’re St. George or you’re David and you always killed the beast Times change very quickly and

2 Minutes To Midnight – Iron Maiden

Kill for gain or shoot to maim, but we don’t need a reason The Golden Goose is on the loose and never out of season Blackened pride still burns

The Clairvoyant – Iron Maiden

Feel the sweat break on my brow, is it me or is it shadows that are dancing on the walls Is this a dream or is it now, is