Predators – Iron Savior

They came to take our land and lifes To terminate our race All across the galaxy They leave a deadly trace Emerged from Hell – an evil spell The

Prolog – Iron Savior

civilization of Atlantis to defend themselves against the deadly thread of the so called Alliance. Except the lost continent of Atlantis all land was controlled and dominated by the

Seek And Destroy – Iron Savior

Exploitation – Infestation Life’s ectincted – Stars eclipted No light in the black Dark encounter – Alien frontier Suicide mission – Sacrified We’ll never come back Kill – we

Protect The Law – Iron Savior

From an ancient past I will bring you the law To protectand to serve I was made for My creators have vanished lost in space and in time I’m

Never Say Die – Iron Savior

I am your leader I’m in command The fate of all my followers Lies in my hand The burdon of what is right or wrong Decisions have to be

For The World – Iron Savior

(Hansi)We’re the defenders, we are the ones Bleeding For all the creatures, the land and the seas give us peace And with the courage born in despair Hopeless we

Dragons Rising – Iron Savior

When I look at tomorrow Who will I be What will I find Seems I’m drowning in sorrow Everything changes My life’s redefined When I look at tomorrow Where

Prisoner Of The Void – Iron Savior

Have I returned from the dead a lightning was striking my head Clarity’s filling my mind I am refined Unlock the gate to reality Leaving the maze to be

Forevermore – Iron Savior

Hello, is anybody out there People can’t you hear Can’t you hear my cry Listen it’s time to leave the nightmare I’m calling out for all of you From

Brave New World – Iron Savior

Just like a machine programmed and build to obey serving the system in devotion faithfully day after day Feels your do not know an unpolluted mind In a world

I’ve Been To Hell – Iron Savior

I saw my children from up in the sky Bleeding and sentenced to die Devastation and Termination I’ve been your angel of death Watching unmoved I’ve been awaiting your

Iron Savior – Iron Savior

Out of the cold you’ve been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve build for eternity you’ve indestructurable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you’re

Deadly Sleep – Iron Savior

(Kai)Welcome back home, it’s been so lomg, we’ve missed you, been searching for honor and glory out in the dark I have fought for survival as thunder and gunfire

Back Into The Light – Iron Savior

Thrown into a world Where night is ruling day Where nothing will remain Existence will decay The hope of despair Deep inside our heart Brought us to the lair

Brothers (Of The Past) – Iron Savior

Devastotion – radiation – paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising – termination’s here Stratospheric – energetic – drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation inside the machine Reborn in chaos and

Assailant – Iron Savior

Right out of nowhere you came ghostlike appeared in the sky But all our welcomes were shot down in flames Superior power – invincible arms a faulty assessment, a

After The War – Iron Savior

Jan: I saw the shadow decline In another world, another time Reflecting battles full of fear So far away from home Death has been near Piet: I fought for

Mind Over Matter – Iron Savior

Am I alive, do I exist Am I the goddess of justice A body of metal, a mind made of circuits Although I think and I’m conscious What is

Atlantis Falling – Iron Savior

A flash of destruction like a blaze cut through the night The heavens on fire they were glowing in unholy light Your sudden assult broke all the dreams of

Eye Of The World – Iron Savior

Travelling the stars out in the cold Out on the quest for the old You had to leave So don’t come to grief You couldn’t see what is right