Performer JA RULE

Thug Lovin’ – Ja Rule

I’m talking bout! Chorus:Bobby Brown And I know you’re gettin bored Dealin with him, I know you miss my lovin, my thuggin Thug Lovin’ Verse 1:Ja Rule I know

Pain Is Love – Ja Rule

Love don’t love me Is the only thing that seems to hold me God can you explain why Love don’t love me Is the only thing that seems to

Chris Black (skit) – Ja Rule

(One uf us) Yeah, nigga If God were one of us (One of us) What about that? What if he was? What if he was me? (One of us)

Pop N****s – Ja Rule

How many niggas hit the scene like Rule Benley GT, pushin through bock flooded, with jewels H-2 with the hungerous Rule beside me Armed up the army, don’t play

Leo (Skit) – Ja Rule

talkin bout! I am the real psychic man! Next caller: Caller: hello miss leo my uh boyfriend is in jail and i wanna know uh when he is a-comin

The Murderers – Ja Rule

Word to god Y’all know who the fuck this is You know we would kidnap yo kidz You know what the fuck we do Murder bitch niggaz like you

I Cry – Ja Rule

When I cry, you cry, We cry, together said I cry, you cry we cry, together said I cry, you cry we cry, together said I cry, you cry

The March Prelude – Ja Rule

this prelude — our apologies to anybody who submitted this earlier Yeah…*sniff*…been a slave too long. ALL MY MURDERERS!!!!!! Let’s march my niggas. Lord, can we get a break?

Die – Ja Rule

ain’t never been in my heart to let niggas thug me hit the dealer and cop a drop if the eyes is buggy and pull up in front of

Destiny – Ja Rule

Holla. Last Temptation. Coming through now niggas. Its a problem. It’s a problem. Always has been. (Ja laughing). Yo Buck turn me up a lil bit in my mother

Gun Talk – Ja Rule

Well bitch niggaz get you of the grind, nigga grab the nine and Well fake niggaz try to cop the style, cop the 40 cal then Well if

Down Ass Bitch – Ja Rule

Down Ass Bitch (Ja Rule – talking) Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, huh, feel me Every thug

It’s Murda – Ja Rule

URRRRRRR Uh huh Y’all motherfuckers ready or what? Is y’all motherfuckers ready or what? I don’t think you are I don’t think so! They got my back against the

Caught Up – Ja Rule

Word to mother to my nigga Buck 3000 on the boards! Holla back! They be killing it know what I mean big boy! Know what I’m

Connected – Ja Rule

Murder Inc Motherfucker We world wide connected, and ya’ll don’t want to fuck with us In the streets we respected, so ya’ll don’t want to fuck wit us

Suicide Freestyle – Ja Rule

Ummm, Say all that I want to do Is to live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another nigga dies Niggas catchin five to ten years And

Daddy’s Little Baby – Ja Rule

Brittany Daddy’s little baby, must learn this world is shady And the color of your skin don’t make you less of a lady Degrade yourself, never cuz I’m teaching

Smokin And Ridin – Ja Rule

Gangsta.. you know Huh, gangsta, c’mon, hehe Uhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y’know Number one movie in the country and all that Haha!

Emerica – Ja Rule

Ja Rule has just been elected president of the United Ghettos of Emerica. And this is what he has to say at press time. At press time this is

Mesmerize – Ja Rule

Ha Ha…Yea What up ma, How you been? Yea I know, I know It’s all good (Murder Inc..) Girl your stare, those eyes I (Love it when you look