Performer JAMIE FOXX

With You – Jamie Foxx

Have you ever been to Spain in the slow lane, Holdin your name, play n bet it like no pain (no gain) Let me show you wot your body

DJ Play A Love Song – Jamie Foxx

I know you see me lookin’ at you And I know he know you lookin’ at me Well….damn Chorus DJ won’t you play this girl a love song She

Rainman – Jamie Foxx

Ca call me ca call me rainman, rainman Theres no need for me to lay out my clothes, When shes not around theres nowhere to go, Make no attempts

Storm (Forecass) – Jamie Foxx

Got nothing but my t-shirt and boxers on Waiting for you to get home Its been sunny outside all day baby I can’t wait for it to storm Wanna

Warm Bed – Jamie Foxx

Baby if we leave clubbin’ Won’t be nothing but lovin’ Cause i got a warm bed (I got a warm bed) Dam it’s hot Floor is

Can I Take You Home – Jamie Foxx

You know what I want want I know what you want want Tell me what I want want I’ll tell you what you want want So

I Don’t Know – Jamie Foxx

I dont know why (I dont know why) She keeps on passin’ me by, Maybe her eye is on just some other guy, And I’ll forever be that

Unpredictable – Jamie Foxx

Yeah ladies I know you tired of the same old thing, Things have become so mundane I mean your bedroom is just so cold, so cold but I’m

Why – Jamie Foxx

I was your favorite guy And somehow I thought that we’d always be down (down) We went through crazy times, Inside this crazy mind, Somehow I thought that you

Extravaganza – Jamie Foxx

Last night me n my dawgs were hanging out Tired of being cramped up in the house We were simply celebrating life Off from work today so

Your Love – Jamie Foxx

The thought of you has got me high, I’m so excited I’ve always said I’d, I’d never fall in love But I think I’ve had a change of mind

Just Like Me (feat. T. I.) – Jamie Foxx

Say Foxx? (Yeah… eah… eah…) I had-I had a chick man – (Yeah… eah… eah…) She wouldn’t did me real wrong, I mean (Yeah… eah… eah…)

Number One (Let’s Get Dumb)(feat. Lil Wayne) – Jamie Foxx

“Ay Foxx, we just livin our life right?” 4 & 3 & 2 & 1 “Weezy, Jus Blaze” Now everybody let’s get dumb dumb de dumb Dumb du

Blame It (On The Alcohol) (feat. T-Pain) – Jamie Foxx

Blame it on the goose Got you feeling loose Blame it on petron Got you in the zone Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol

Love Brings Change – Jamie Foxx

Just cause you don’t see the footprints don’t mean that there not in the sand. I know your surrounded by strangers it feels so alone in your heart. But

Freak’in Me (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) – Jamie Foxx

Apart of me wants apart of you baby You started it now come and give me what ive been waiting for Oh your lips are pressed against it

Wish U Were Here – Jamie Foxx

Its kinda hard trying to survive, in all this crazy weather Everybody wants my number Everybody’s calling my name But in the mist of all of this I can

Do What It Do – Jamie Foxx

You know what, I’m ma make it do what it do baby, I’m ma make it do what it do baby Now baby I just wanna take

Overdose – Jamie Foxx

Addicted to what we had. Heartbreaks know fading fast. Vitals low might not last. Strep down while sirens ring. Holding on trying to breathe Not like this I can’t

U Still Got It – Jamie Foxx

Do I look fat to you? Baby you know I love you That’s not what I asked you. Uh, Uh, Uh, Girl I