Performer JASON MRAZ

Butterfly – Jason Mraz

I’m your pole and all you’re wearing is your shoes You got soul, you know what to do to turn me on until I write a song about you

The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz

Cause you were born on the fourth of july, freedom ring now something on the surface it stings that something on the surface it kind of makes me nervous

Please Don’t Tell Her – Jason Mraz

she’s a warrior i couldn’t play again because the game it never end it never even landed on the can and never let me in to spend my quarter

Conversation With Myself – Jason Mraz

Crazy, now what’cha doing? Just the same, well I think I’m right Crazy how fast you’re moving As our friendship pays for your lonely night This is a conversation

Only Human – Jason Mraz

Does he give a damn? Does he care who I am? I’m just a man, is that all I am Are my manners misinterpreted words or only human? I’m

The Right Kind Of Phrase – Jason Mraz

And she wasn’t satisfied at the rate that she applied herself To the items on the shelf, she was a retail girl And that really has to do with

You Make Me Hight (Spinning) – Jason Mraz

i want more than words can describe i’ve been deprived can you believe it my whole world, well it’s falling apart well it falls, still it falls, well it

Lucky – Jason Mraz

I’m talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying Boy I hear you in my dreams I

Forecast – Jason Mraz

Let’s throw out the hotel comforter and hang the ‘do not disturb’ Sign me up for the storm I’ll wear my suit for the shower Cause I’ll have you

Did I Fool Ya? – Jason Mraz

Daddy songs he’s an auctioneer And mother clings to anniversary years And the sister she got a little bit of mister in her And the brothers going round around

A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz

You’re the kind of girl who can take down a man, And lift him back up again You are strong but you’re needy, Humble but you’re greedy Based on

No Stopping Us (Live) – Jason Mraz

Would it take a half a pound to roll a joint for you Would it take some hailing marys so full of grace to get my sound to you

Older Love Undercover – Jason Mraz

music by jason mraz Well an old saying goes mind your manners mind your mother And a man can find a lover who is tan and undercover Well she

Who Needs Shelter – Jason Mraz

I’d like to say how truly bright you are You don’t know me but I know you You’re my favorite star Follow you I will so lets get moving

Halfway Home – Jason Mraz

I used to walk along the opposite side of the road and made others get out of my way I used to think I could sit and wait for

No Doubling Back – Jason Mraz

it’s been nice to hold your hand as we shifted through this twisted abandon i would like to think that you will know your way we have dodged the

Coyotes – Jason Mraz

I wake up and i’m dallin and my minds running to you No wonder i’m a one woman man She keeps me hot in a jar on the nightstand

If It Kills Me – Jason Mraz

Yeah, you figured me out Something gave it away And it would be such a beautiful moment To see the look on your face To know that I know

Bella Luna – Jason Mraz

a hole in the sky a supernatural nightlight so full but often right a pair of eyes a closing one a chosen child of golden sun a marble dog

Boy’s Gone – Jason Mraz

What will happen to a face in the crowd when it finally gets too crowded. And will happen to the origins of sound after all the sounds have sounded