Performer JAY SEAN

I Won’t Tell (feat. The Kid Daytona) – Jay Sean

It’s like watching a movie Double-featured She plays like a good girl But I don’t believe her Girl what’s your sign? You must be a gemini A

Dance With You (Original Version) – Jay Sean

UK (C’mon) Girl you got exactly what I need I aint gonna lie with you is where I wanna be All up in the club the finest girl I

Stay – Jay Sean

Said it twice, That it hurts but I do it again I don’t change, I don’t’t learn, cause I can’t let it in Said it’s gone, let it be,

Running Back To You – Jay Sean

Run away Till time? that thought of? run away Wasn’t it To leaving you to be this way Couldn’t.? . people that we needed on

One Night – Jay Sean

Dil kho churaya Dil kho churaya Tere dil da haal mein, haal mein sunawa Ni kuriyeh ni gal maan le Did I confuse you girl Did I give you

Who Is Kamaljit – Jay Sean

you going to call him? Ummm i tink i am going to call himmm Kamaljit. Kamaljit err what a lovely name. Who the hell is kamaljit im just

Don’t Rush – Jay Sean

Why is it that you just run away What is it that you don’t wanna say See girl I know your type Never can seem to just settle down

Used To Love Her – Jay Sean

Got me reminiscing down too much memories The only girl you know that in my heart The one I almost gave that ring But we were so young, mustve

Easy As 1,2,3 – Jay Sean

Ohhh Can I talk to you Can I talk to you for a minute Hold on Ooohhh yea Hey girl now that I got you here with me, alone

Maybe – Jay Sean

Beep Beep On It Now There Goes My Phone And Once Again Im Just Hoping Its A Text From You It Aint Right We Get Messages Twice Twice

Ride It – Jay Sean

It’s been about a month and twenty days… And were going round and round playing silly games… Now your saying, slow it down, not right now… Then you wink

Just A Friend”+ – Jay Sean

Both our bodies close together Teasin’ me Let me get to know you better Plaince me This chemistry between us, can’t u see But I guess you’re not there

On And On – Jay Sean

Nowadays it seems I’m watching life just pass me by The world is spinning beneath my feet at an unforgiving pace And I, I just find myself falling victim

Holding On – Jay Sean

What was going through my mind Why’d you seem to have it all Yet you’re not mine Started off as just good friends Still we always step the line

Shame – Jay Sean

And we don’t seem to talk anymore. And I don’t know if we get to see another year, Coz when I opened you closed every door. Girl you used

Come With Me – Jay Sean

Everybody’s looking at me Whispering and talking, pointin fingers at me What is it that they want me to be Can’t keep up this fight no more Won’t keep

Stolen (Original Full Length Version) – Jay Sean

You were my eyes when i couldn’t see, you were my air when i couldn’t breathe, but you always knew what you meant to me, (yeaah. ah, ah) You

Murder (feat. Thara Prashad) – Jay Sean

New York to London, We’re International baby Thara… Jay Sean Hey ho Hey ho Hey ho Hey ho M-U-R-DER You are. Girl You’re Murder Boy You’re Murder M-U-R-DER You

Stuck In The Middle (feat. Jared Cotter) – Jay Sean

Im just sitting here, tryna Forget bout all those years, and I I can’t take the thought of him Alone with you (alone with you) Its been a year

Good Enough – Jay Sean

I got my mothers skin I’ve got my father eyes It’s something that I can’t deny It’s nothing that I wanna hide And even though my roots come from