That Was Then – Jesse McCartney

Just what you’ve got Until you finally realize You could be gone And know that I’ve been taking you for granted For the longest time All you want Is

Let Me Be The One – Jesse McCartney

Right where he broke your heart Girl you know I’ll give you anything I wanna hold your hand And say the words he never said I’ll make you promises

What’s Your Name – Jesse McCartney

I turn around again and suddenly your gone I wanna get to know you But I don’t know who you are Your the kind of girl who makes me

Without You – Jesse McCartney

Things only I should hear That lead me on I like the way you smile at me And make me feel like nothin’ Can go wrong Tell me this

Why Don’t You Kiss Her – Jesse McCartney

And we share our secrets She knows everything that is on my mind Ohhh… Lately something’s changed As I lie awak, in my bed A voice here inside my

The Stupid Things – Jesse McCartney

I hope I haven’t gone over my limit With interest rates so swift No need to scream and shout No doubt if women are from Venus now I’ll get

Take Your Sweet Time – Jesse McCartney

You will be fine, the sun again will shine On you, whatever you do (Chorus) Take your sweet, sweet time I will be here when you change your mind

She’s No You – Jesse McCartney

But nothing’s ever a comparison to you Now can’t you see that you’re the only one that I really want? And everything I need is everything you do And

Don’t You – Jesse McCartney

Thinking about you always And I don’t Want it to be different By the way Liking it where I’m standing And I won’t Move unless you force me to

You Make Me Feel – Jesse McCartney

You make me feel everything, everything that you know i wanna feel when i know a love’s for real you make me feel everything, everything that you know i

Get Your Shine On – Jesse McCartney

eyes glued, hands up ’cause you’re doin it right Everybody gets their chance to shine So, dont be shy now Did you know that everyone’s a star? Big time,

Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney

Chorus: I don’t want another pretty face I don’t want just anyone to hold I don’t want my love to go to waste I want you and your beautiful

Good Life – Jesse McCartney

Kick back and relax for a little while We’ll all still be here tomorrow Take time just to act like a little child No matter what the world has

Because You Live – Jesse McCartney

It’s the end of the world in my mind Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call I’ve been looking for the answer, somewhere I couldn’t

Why Is Love So Hard To Find – Jesse McCartney

Seems that no one’s ever satisfied Could it be, that underneath We’ve all got something to hide? From the moment we arrive We want to fill the space inside